Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Horses, Horses, Horses.... HORSES!!

Riding in vintage style (cashmere duck egg blue turtle kneck and barbour)  check out my new helmet

If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter then you will know that my current obsession is horse riding.(i make no apologies)   You will probably be bored of me banging on about it by now too!!

Throughout my childhood and teens i was an avid rider.  My room was floor to ceiling plastered in pony posters, i spent every weekend down the stables with my best friend Lulu (Lulu was a pony btw, not a person, yes my best friends were horses and ponies) my hair was usually in a low down scraggly pony tail no doubt with horse poo and straw in it, flattened down by the riding hat.  i lived in jodhpurs and wellies... covered in poo and stinking.  i loved it! 

Then i discovered boys and hooch... things changed.  Out came the fake tan and the heels (least said about that phase the better) I soon forgot about my best friends who had been by my side throughout my dreadful childhood (hated my school years, bullied for having big eyes and big boobs- believe it or not, the stables was my only sanctuary)

My first ride in over ten years!
I have been going riding for five weeks now and i love it.  It hasn't taken me long to pick it up again either.  I have been having a lesson a week at Nottingham Riding Centre.  I have a one-2-one lesson with Louise the stable manager.  Its such a lovely stables, everyone is really nice.  Its not intimidating at all, i was slightly nervous about going to a new stables. Its a big stables, with eight ponies for the pony club and lots of other horses and ponies in for livery.  I love going down there early, i make it a must to say hello to each horse there.

Each week i have been riding Rosie.  She has been a star!  She has a rather bouncy trot but her canter is beautifully smooth.  Louise tells me she loves to jump and is a great at dressage.  So i am very much looking forward to jumping and a spot of dressage too.

Lucille from Lucille's Locks came out for a hack with us one week
 My dream would be to own my own horse, get really good and compete.  So i am going to help out at the stables and learn more about having a horse (re-learn i guess)

Rosie tacked up, having a last minute munch before our ride

Horse mad and i dont care!  it has even inspired my sewing!  i have just had this fabric delivered all the way from the states... looking forward to making a gathered skirt and a couple of tops.

Do you have a hobie that isnt vintage or sewing?  Are you crazy about it as i am?

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  1. Ha! I loved, "then I discovered boys and hooch." I love reading young adult and children books. I knew grew up in my reading tastes!