Monday, 2 September 2013

Eat Clean but naughty!

raw vegan chocolate brownie

I blogged a few weeks ago about my new 'not on a diet' and starting Philates and keep fit classes.  Its going really well, only a couple of weeks in and i can see and feel positive differences on my body.  My skin is clearer, probably due to my morning smoothies and drinking a lot of water (drank a lot anyway) i have started to lose weight, my ibs and bloated tummy has subsided.  i feel more awake and have more energy.

My 'not on a diet' is basically 'eating clean',  but what is this new fad.  Nothing new about it, just eating good honest real food.  if you don't know what an ingredient is on the packet chances are your body wont either.  I try and stick to the below rules....90% of the time... hey no body is perfect!

However i do love the odd treat.  That doesnt mean that they arent clean!  i have been experimenting in the kitchen with a few raw vegan deserts that use the oddest ingredients.  I made vegan brownies (see first photo) last night with three simple ingredients, dates, walnuts and cocoa.  See here for recipe.

Who would have thought an whizzed up avocado with a bit of honey (use maple for vegan version) and cocoa would taste just like high fat chocolate mouse!!  And much nicer than those processed ones in little plastic pots!  i serves it with berries which i heated in a pan a little (no added sugar or liquids, just their natural juice) and low fat greek yogurt.  (next plan is to make raw yogurt and stop buying processed from the store)

This is a quick healthy protein packed brunch, i made it after my three hour bike ride on Sunday.  The banana omelet.  Simply one egg beaten, one banana mushed and fried in coconut oil, served with strawberries and greek yogurt.

I don't see my diet is a chore, something i hate doing.  Its all in the attitude, its the difference between and ordeal and an adventure.  I see my diet as an adventure!  i get excited going to the green grocers every morning to see what they have new in season, its the highlight of my day in fact... sad i know! ha!

I dont follow any particular rules.  i get most of my inspiration from pinterest and other blogs i follow, including the Freelancers Fashion Blog, who has been eating clean for a while.

Do you have any healthy clean treats you would like to share?


  1. I am so curious about this banana omelette, I am going to have to make it! I thought it sounded a little odd at first, but I can imagine it tastes a bit like french toast...

  2. I am doing the Michelle Bridges plan at the mo - she is the Australian Biggest Loser instructor and her 12 week body transformation is all about eating clean and NO EXCUSES ;-)
    The brownie is delicious! I have made the same but just in truffle format - little bite size balls. Yum!
    As for the yoghurt - If you buy natural pot set yoghurt you should be ok. Making your own can have problems because basically you're playing with live cultures and the possibility of introducing other not so friendly live cultures is high - the difference being a sterile commercial operation and a home kitchen.

  3. Looks good. I've got a super easy one to share called "Healthy 3 Ingredients Cookies"... basically just 3 ingredients, plus whatever else you feel like adding if you're in the mood: