Thursday, 15 August 2013

Viva La Mexico! Outfits from a smoking hot summer

Handmade black bustier with vintage hand painted circle skirt

We have had one smoking hot summer here in the UK this year.  As things start to cool down, i thought i would share with you a couple of this summers outfits.  I seem to have gone with the Mexican theme this year this has effected my vintage wardrobe and my sewing creations!

 I got this skirt a few years back off etsy, i love it because its a good length.  I teamed it up with a vintage turquoise belt and some comfy leather sandals.

I made this skirt using a vintage round table cloth!  Teamed it with a gypsy top, trusty leather sandals (New Look), that turquoise belt and lots of bakelite and lucite.

One of many sewing projects inspired by Mexico, i made matching pants for this top too!  Not quite had the guts to wear it as a set out yet!

Another handmade outfit. the Mexican senoritas top is available in my etsy shop and has been really popular this summer.  This photo was taken at Americana Festival this year, i will blog about the festival and the fashion show soon ;)

My vintage squaw or patio dress, worn here on my new patio... or decking more like.  Where i spent most of the summer drinking gin cocktails and listening to music.

Another of my vintage hand painted Mexican skirts, love the simple pattern on this one with flecks of gold paint.  I have worn it here with two different tops.  Both made my me, both available in my etsy shop.  Plain black cotton and black velvet with gold ric-rac and black pom-poms.

Has a really cute label in side, i then found this image online a while ago of the skirts being painted!

Finally what i wore to the Gilded Merkin on Sunday, which i blogged about here.  This is my favourite Mexican skirt, its a vintage souvier skirt, hand painted and embellished in brightly coloured sequins.  I got it for an absolute steal a few years back but in my excitement i didn't read the description.  So when it came it was too short, so i added a velvet panel.  This is the skirt that inspired my velvet bustier top, the idea of a top came to me in a dream and luckily i remembered about it when i woke up!

It hasn't just been me who has been inspired by all things Mexican, so have my vintage loving friends.  Its weird that the vintage world has its own little fashion trends!  Wonder what we will all be obsessed with next year!  One thing for sure is, i will always love my little slice of Mexico in my wardrobe!!

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  1. You must wear that stripey set out and about pronto!!! It is SOOOOOOOOOOO fabulous!!!!!!!!

  2. I adore those sunglasses! They really make the outfit. I wish I could get a pair in jet black. They're probably vintage huh? Lot's of companies are making "retro" cat eye sunglasses now but they're always too big, and these new, over-sized versions are so unflattering. Vintage styles were very modest.