Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New way of thinking

I am i firmly disagree with diets.  Yes you may lose weight, but is it really a long term answer to staying and keeping healthy?  For some people this may be the answer but for me it isn't.  i have never been on a diet in my life, i have indeed uttered the words 'i am on a diet' or 'diet starts tomorrow'  but have never actually followed one.

Since working from home and moving to West Bridgford. I am meters from the fridge, corner shop literally next door and every possible take away shop literally on my door step.  The old waist line has slowly but surely increased as have everywhere else on my body.

After seeing so many beautiful ladies that i know or follow online like; Rockalily, Frankii Wilde, Little Gem and Rose Desire get on the healthy train.  I thought it was about time i bought a ticket and at least made it to the train station.

I have been waiting at the station for a few weeks now without actually boarding that fitness train.  I have been slowly changing the way i eat.  i am generally a healthy eater, i am a vegetarian.  i shop every day at my local green grocers, The Salad Bowl in West Bridgford.  Its just all the little bits extra, the glasses of wine, pints of cider, cake, crisps, take ways.  All these 'little' treats have built up and built up as a tyre of fat around my middle.  Enough is enough!

All this for under a tenner from my local green grocers
 Last night i boarded my very first fitness train in a long long time.  I attended a very appropriately named class, The Little Black Dress Work out.  As dresses and clothes are my main motivation for losing weight, i am not going to lie.  i love dresses, you could say they were my life.  and looking the best i can look in dresses is very import to me.  After all there is only so much a girdle can do!

I had a fantastic time at the class, so much so that i have signed up to more of her classes.  As well as the LBD class once a week i will also be doing a Pilate's class.  Combined with my healthy eating and NO treats i am hoping that this is at least a small step in the direction i want to be heading.

I noticed today that i use food as way of lifting my mood.  If i am having a bad day or if things are going quite my way, i treat myself.  As many business owners know all so well that a lot of things don't always go to plan, and i can get upset by the smallest of things.  i can be quite dramatic! My treats to cheer me up usually involve alochol or chocolate, which then leads to me feeling guilty.  But today instead of reaching for the usual chocolate bar and cup of tea.  I made a smoothie, chocolate of course.  Even though it had a small spoonful of Nutella, so wasn't wholely healthy, it was a darn sight better than a massive bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Strawberry's and Cream (which my smoothie tasted like)!

BooBoo Kitty's Strawberry and Cream Healthy, Mood Lifting Smoothie!

One tub of Asda fat free yogurt, tofffee flavour
One heaped tea spoon of Nutella
Five Frozen strawberry's 
Dash of 1% milk 

Whizz it up in a blender and enjoy!

More of my smoothies top left to right;
  • Breakfast smoothie, frozen banana, blueberry, oats, soya milk and soya vanilla yogurt
  • Raspberry and echinacea tea ice cubes, coconut water and a few cubes of frozen mango slushy
  • healthy frappie, blended ice coffee, banana , cinnamon and vanilla soya yogurt 
  • Tea in ice-cube trays; green tea, raspberry and echinacea and chai.  i whizz these up in my smoothies
I am defiantly addicted to smoothies!  Better than my previous gin and chocolate addiction (ok i still like gin, but gin and slim, only at the weekends!) 

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  1. Aw I just saw this, thank you for the mention! How is it going?