Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tiki Tea Timer

I have been creating vintage inspired tiki/ Hawaiian sarong dresses for some years now.  I am a massive fan of Alfred Shaheen fabric and dresses.  A couple of months ago i got asked to create something quite different using Alfred shaheen fabric. A vintage inspired Tea Timer set.  This is the inspiration photos i was sent by the client.

I used a print designed by Alfred Shaheen but the fabric is newly printed.  The fabric is beautiful, a pattern of rice bowls and chop sticks.  Highlights of gold in the pint and beautiful Chinese dragons on the bowls.  I had a matching turquoise fabric in my stash which was the exact shade as the turquoise in the print, i used this to make the cigarette pants and the sash.  The blue is a bit more greeny teal in real life, its hard to capture the true colour with my camera.

 I really enjoyed making this set.  So much so i am going to make myself a set, now to chose the fabric!  I have narrowed it down to these...

I have also been looking at vintage tea timer sets for inspiration, i haven't been able to find many on etsy..

Planet Claire Vintage on Etsy
Planet Claire Vintage

Sweet Moonlight Shop on Etys

Miss Easy Come Easy Go on Etsy

I can just see myself lounging around in my tea timer, pool side, sipping a cocktail on a cool summers eve, in my mid-century home!

Something like this....

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  1. Looks great! Where did you find the fun fabric with the birds? Is it vintage?

  2. Hello...
    You are an amazing seamstress...You fell right into your Mom's footsteps...I'm sure she is more proud of you than you'll ever know :)
    You did a totally fabulous job on the Tea Timer Set that you made...It turned out great!!...Totally...LOL...I can't believe I still use that word...I guess that kind of dates me to an 80's teenager, huh??...LOL...Somethings just stick in your head I guess...Now if I could remember everything that well...LOL...I mean it's not that I'm that old, I just can't remember things anymore...LOL...
    Anyway, just a suggestion, but for the material on your Tea Timer Set, I would use the forth one down...Kind of the Beige/Taupe color [If I remember right :)] with the Red Little Flowers & the Black I'm guessing Branches maybe?? on it...And I would pair it with Black Pants, a Black Belt, & Red Platform Sandals...
    Like I said just a suggestion...Hope you have a great day!!...Keep being Fabulous :)
    Happy Smiles,