Friday, 1 March 2013

Sexy, Sheer and Square

Marilyn Monroe - The Last Stitting by Bert Stern
Floating in the cool spring breeze, so light an floaty it takes on a life of its own.  The chiffon scarf.   A fashion icon piece for decades.  Worn by glamerous movie stars to hide themselves from the paparatzi, worn by landgirls and factory works in World War II for safety and nesseccity.  Adopted as a part of the rockabilly staple.  This humble square piece of fine fabric has a lot to answer for.

Elizabeth Taylor
The square piece of fabric can be worn in many different styles, may it be to protect your perfectly set hair whilst in an open top Caddy or to protect your hair from getting tangled in factory machinery.

Worn round the neck for a preppy look... a look which can easily be turned bad girl!

Modern celebrities have also been sporting the headscarf too.

Modern pin up icons.. (Bernie Dexter left and Micheline Pitt right)

 The most iconic image of a girl in a headscarf, Rosie the Riveter.

Real life 'Rosies'..

The granny scarf?

Hilda Ogden

The chiffon scarf is here to stay, its practical and sexy!  How do you wear yours?  My next post i will be showing you photos of my friends and customers wearing theirs.  If you want to feature, send me a photo!

Young Marilyn, Norma Jean Baker

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  1. Great blog... I love headscarves... may have to treat myself to one of yours when in stock.