Sunday, 3 March 2013

How do you wear yours? - Sexy, Sheer and Square - Pt2

Betty D'light by Photography by Loraine Ross Photography
Accessories by Little Miss Delicious
Friday's blog i talked about the chiffon head scarfs history and the famous women who wore it.  I asked you to send you images of how you wear yours, thank you for sending them in, i also stole images from friends of mines facebook!  Enjoy... be inspired ..

Lucille's Inka by Luna Photography
These three lovely ladies channel their sweet and Innocent side by wearing a pink chiffon scarf in a bow round their hair ... or neck in Inka's case.

Little Gem in Miss Fortune by Luna Photography
Fiery red heads, ebony haired vixens, wear the forest green chiffon scarfs...

Lucille from Lucille's Locks
 Eliza DeLiteIn a vintage forest green chiffon scarf, one of her favourites (she is also wearing BBKC virgin mary dress)
Scarlett Daggers uses one as a part of her Hot Rod act
My instagram friend @bee_roe
Hot red rockabilly chicks!  These gals wear it loud and wear it proud the red scarf..

Little Gem, by Emma Elizabeth Oglesby she confesses to having a rainbow of colours in her vintage collection
Miss Turnstiles in LA last year protecting her locks from the heat
Emma from Luna Photography
Miss Turnstiles again in LA

PHOTO BY Cherry Bomb Rock Photography
 The monochrome girls, black and white go with anything...

Sonja from Polkadots and Flamingo blog

Laura from Miss Fortune
Dont be fooled by these gals in sweet and innocent cotton candy colours they arent as innocent as they make out...

Missy Malone by Miss Rain aka Luna Photography
Twitter friend Miss Daisy Cutter @missdaisycutter

Scarlett Daggers in light lemon colout
Rose Desire in BBKC mint green chiffon
Rose Desire and I protecting our pin curls at a rather damp Americana last year

Now you have seen how versatile and sexy this square piece of chiffon can be, i hope it has inspired you to experiment with it and create different looks.

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