Friday, 1 February 2013

Are you a Pig or a Chicken?

Photo by Paul Larkins
 When i meet people for the first time and tell them i run my own business, many people say 'oh, i wish i could do that,' or something along the lines of 'you are so lucky.'  

Firstly just to clear things up, LUCK has nothing to do with anything that happens in life.  If you sit around and wait for luck to make an appearance, well you might as well just give up now.  Yes opportunity's come my way, these opportunities are nothing to with luck either, its how you get the most out of every opportunity life throws at you.  Every person you meet in life, you meet for a reason.  You need to take every opportunity life throws at you and grasp it the open arms.

Miss Dolly Minx by Nick's Photos
 Secondly, when people say, 'i wish i could do run my own business.'  well why not?  Wishing, there is no point just wishing change in your life.  its up to you, not anyone else to make it happen.  Yes there may be obstacles to over come along the way, things in your path.  but nothing in life is easy, and if it was it would quite frankly bore me!

Money?  Many new businesses start up from home.  Low set up costs means just about anyone with a laptop can start a business from the comfort of their sofa.  For the first two years of me running my business,  i didn't even have a computer, it blew up.  I had no money to replace it, as i was living in London and spent my spare cash on tattoos - the important things in life.  I was still working full time so i sneakily used my works computer and my iphone.  For the first two years of running a business, i couldn't even afford a laptop, that's how little money i had.  But i over came these obstacles and an talking to you on my trusty laptop!  

Anna Fur Laxis, photo by Jazz Hands
 But before i took the giant leap in quitting my day job, i saved every penny.  I literally didn't go out for a year and didn't buy ANYTHING.  I calculated how much i needed to pay my rent and bills and enough food that i didn't starve, the rest went into a savings account.  I had and still have this money as my emergency funds, my 'just in case it all goes tits up money'!

Business plan, profit and loss sheets, cash flow... what the heck?  Having a business idea and not knowing what to do with it can be daunting and when people start throwing business jargon at you, this is enough to put anyone off from starting their own business.  But not to worry the Inland revenue run work shops that you can attend to help you understand the whole tax issue.  Start Up Britain is a great site, they do lots of useful seminars throughout the year.  I have recently finished a business start up course, The Hive, At Nottingham Trent University.  So if you are a fellow Nottinghamer, look into them.  They helped me write a business plan.  They also helped me think about how i want my business to grow, where i want to be in five years time and plan how to get there.  And i now know the difference between gross profit and net profit.... go me!

Lucile, Rose Desire and I.  Photo by Flashes and Lashes
You can learn the skills you need to run a business, you can run a business on little start up costs.  The one thing that you cannot learn, the thing that motivated me till 5am in the morning sewing, (apart from monster and jelly beans) is PASSION!  To run your own business you need passion.  Passion is what makes me get out of the bed in the morning.  Passion is what drives me to do my accounts (that and the bribery of cake) Passion is what motivates me to write my blog.  Passion is what drives me to only watch vintage movies and to immerse myself in the vintage lifestyle that my business is built on.  You need to be passionate about what you do.  

You need to be 100% committed to your business. Decide what kind of animal you want to be, a chicken or a pig.  I found this quote on Rock n Roll Bride, one of many motivational blog posts i have been reading at the moment.

“The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.”

If you would like to start your own business and want to get motivated in doing so, i am giving a talk at Thirsty Thursdays, 21st February.  I will be talking about how my business started and developed, but if you read my blog you might know my story already!

So don't rely on luck and wishes.  If you are passionate about something that is all you need.  That and a few cans of monster and a packet of jelly beans!

All dresses featured in this post were designed and made by me.  Credit to the photography is given, photos are not to be used without consent. 

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