Thursday, 17 January 2013

One Man's Rubbish...

West German Pottery and green glass genie bottle - pug not found in a skip, she photo bombed - poser
 I just got a call from the other half to say he has found some goodies.  He works for a company who maintains letted properties, he over sees renovations.  He visited a property recently bought by a landlord.  The house was sold with all its contents!!  The landlord had already been and chosen what items they wanted to keep, a few pieces of furniture, the rest he said skip.  By the time my other half had got there most of the contents had been just that, skipped.  Builders they just don't care for these things, they just see a bunch of old tat.  It was an elderly lady who lived there so goodness knows what they threw away.  These are a few things he managed to rescue.

Arcoroc pressed glass set, mint condition, four cups, saucers, bowls, side plates and dinner plates.  Based on a 1930s design re-made in the 80s by Arcoroc in France
Mid-century paint by numbers painting, been after one of these for a while and it matched the flamenco theme in our bedroom
beautiful black/gold pressed glass fruit serving bowl and six bowls, glass is beautiful when catches the light, photo doesn't do it justice
mid century shot glasses, we have a massive collection of shot glasses, but i hate doing shots!
kitch ship painting
Not bad for free aye!  Makes me sad to think that people are throwing away such cool stuff, reflects the 'Primark throw away' society we live in today. 

I have found lots of things in skips in the past, you are meant to ask the owners permission first before you take anything, so just be careful.  On this case the builders were happy for my other half to take it, more room in their skip in guess.

Have you found any goodies in skips?


  1. Your other half deserves a medal! I hate thinking of the vintage treasures that get thrown away every day in situations like this (and stuff in general thanks to the throwaway attitude that prevails today). It's not exactly difficult to contact charity shops to get them to collect stuff as a donation. At least then someone else can enjoy it!

    I'll happily skip-dive for stuff though. I have a nest of pine coffee tables with nothing wrong with them that were put out for rubbish a few doors up the street, a kids' cast iron and wood garden bench OH found in a skip, and two metal shop display units he came home with last week, one of which now houses my sewing stuff. Most importantly, he also brought me home two vintage hand-crank sewing machines that he saved from the skip when he did a spell working at the local tip.

  2. Amazing finds! I especially love the beautiful glassware. I've never really found anything from a skip but I always have a quick check. My mum found a 4 foot darlek ornament the other day though!

  3. Amazing finds. I especially love the glassware! I've never found anything good in a skip but I always take a peek. My mum found a 4 foot dalek ornament the other day but chickened out of bringing it home.