Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Mid-Century Bedroom

New to me, Meredew dressing table, we also have bedside tables and headboard to match
I have been feeling a bit meh all week, not depressed, not stressed, just meh.  The cold weather and cabin fever has been taking its tole.  This morning, for the first time in a while, i am ashamed to say, i actually pin curled my hair and put on make up.  Dressed in my warm and cosy new cashmere cardi and Freddies jeans.  And you know what, my mood is instantly lifted... who knew just getting dressed can improve ones mood!

Cheeky instagram pic to signify that i actually got dressed today!
Enough about me and my strange moods.  Whilst doing my hair and makeup i noticed that the bedroom was unusually tidy, so what better time for a blog post.  It is still an on going project, we recently moved house and have changed the style of the master bedroom to mid century modern, you can see my old dressing table on this blog post.  That dressing table is now in the guest bedroom, which has more of a classic 40s feel to it.

60s woven capsule chair, my vintage Samsonite vanity matches
The colours of my room are inspired by my swallow bed spread which i got from Debanhams.  I still need to make curtains, i have my eye on some fabric and also add more colour which i am going to do with cushions and maybe an upholstered chair.

Swallows bedding, i just love the colours. 
Note the colours, teal, mint green, grey, limey green and plum.   Lighting is a major headache to find, does any other UK peeps have trouble finding atomic or mid century lamps?  i am constantly drooling over you US bloggers bloody lamps!

Original print from the 50s.  The Red Dress by F.R.S Clemente and orchid plant a gift from a happy customer
The master bedroom is massive, i am not boasting it just is.  Probably about twice the size of a standard double room, you could easily get two double beds in it.  It has looked and still does look quite sparse, but all this meas is plenty of room for more treasure!

My vintage house coat and vintage nighties... i odiously float around the house wearing these... no flannel pjs for me (lies)
Original paint by numbers painting waiting to find a place and an atomic foot stool
On my dressing table, with lots of drawers, its easy to hide my mess!  But whats on my dressing table

perfumes.... yes that is This Morning on my laptop in the back ground... loves Phil and Holly!

Some of my vintage bling
Bobby pins or kirby grips, kept in a glass pot... or on the floor as is more likely the case!
A rather dusty art deco uranium glasss set
vintage decoupage glove box which holds a few of my favorite necklaces

I love reading blog posts by other bloggers about their house just as much as i like outfit posts.  I love reading them for inspiration and ideas, as there is still quite a lot i want to do to my house before i am happy with it.   O maybe its because i am just nosey


  1. Love that dressing table (and love having a nosy around it too - always interesting to see how other people store their jewellery, make-up etc!)and I have to agree, it's amazing how much better you feel when you do your hair/make-up and get dressed up!

  2. I pretty much love everything in your bedroom! But that vanity/dressing table is gorgeous.

  3. I love a bit of Phil and Holly too!


  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your room!! Where did you find that bedding? Simply beautiful. I've been working on my mid century bedroom too but it's not nearly as fabulous as this!! Off to pin everything... :P

    1. thanks :) its from debenhams

  5. Just beautiful!Your vanity is amazing too!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love that sneaky peek photo - love how we can see the back of your hair (pretty pretty!). I see that you have a Naughty Alice too - love that perfume! Very jealous of how vintage your bedroom is. My boyfriend isn't into vintage so we have a normal minimalistic room.. BORING!


  7. I agree with the struggle to find mid century lighting in the UK!! :(