Thursday, 10 January 2013

Katie's plumb lace dress


Katie's dress was the last dress to be made in my old studio in Netherfield.  She supplied her own fabric and i made the dress.  She already had a crinoline, so she wanted a full circle dress to go with it.

The base fabric was polyester lining fabric with lace over lay.  I was a bit worried the lining fabric wouldnt be heavy emough for the skirt, but with the lace overlay it worked.

Thank you Katie for sending in the images of you in your dress.  i think you will all agree with me, she looks fab!

  "Thank you so much, I had so many compliments on my gorgeous gorgeous dress xx"

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  1. Ooooh beautiful!! I am saving my pennies and drawing some sketches, I WILL be able to treat myself to one of your beauties one day in 2013, I have promised myself, it may be a treat to myself for my 32nd birthday in October. I may even treat my Mum to a bespoke dress for her 50th in July. I will have a think. How long does it take to make a dress? She is currently losing weight so don't want to order it too soon and then it be too big.

    Janine xx