Monday, 28 January 2013

Business cards, past and present

I spent today planning a lecture that i will be giving next week at Nottingham Trent University.  It will be part of whole day event for art and design students aimed at inspiring them to start their own businesses.  I have been asked to speak about my business, how it came about and how i have developed the brand over the past three short years.  I dug out my old business cards for the students to have a laugh at.

This was my first attempt, i used a Vista Print template.  I even spelt 'dressmaker' wrong, how bad is that!!

I drew the cat myself and edited it on photoshop, quite a cute little drawing... but doesn't scream buy my dresses does it!  I used to print these off using my works printer.. so if you are reading this and are an interior design company based in London who was always running out of printer ink... it was me.. sorry (i am not really)

If you have met me or have ordered from me, you might recognise these.  Designed a few years ago by Craig who runs the Hoochie Coochie club.  I love these and i still use them.  But as my business is developing to more bridal i am in the process of getting more designed to showcase my bridal work!

Photo by Natalie J Weddings
Out of interest, does anyone have any of my original flyer's or business cards?

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