Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Batman's House

Wayne Manor
This weekend we too Maybellene to visit Batman's house ans have a cup of tea with Albert.  My Nottingham readers will of course recognise this as Wollaton Hall.  This was Wayne Manor latest Batman movies, The Dark Knight rises.  Quite a few locals took part as extras, especially in the party scene at the beginning.  I am kicking myself as an email went out around work looking for extras... damn it!
Albert make my a builders tea and Maybellene's a dish of milk
You might recognise this view of the house from the party scene at the beginning.
Wollaton Hall is also a deer park, i kept Maybellene on a lead in case they got freaked out by a snorting black pig dog
Maybellene and daddy, he is wearing his vintage Carhartt jacket i got him for Christmas


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