Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bakelite V Lucite bangles


Does this image make you foam at the mouth, shake with lust?  It does me!  Like every other vintage girl i have a burning desire for the vintage plastic bangle, Bakelite.  The more carved the better, yum!  With vintage becoming more and more popular and new vintage recruits joining our granny clad army every day.  

Search Bakelite bangle on etsy and organise by most expensive first, look at these beauties at a steal for $1,000  well you do get all three.  This wasn't even the most expensive!
The price of Bakelite bangles is getting bit of a joke!  I understand everything has its price and that's why we invest in a vintage wardrobe because it will go up in value, i am not quibbling the price of Bakelite, just stating that i personally cant justify £1,000 for a plastic bangle. 

Here is my collection of vintage plastic bangles, not a massive collection i know....

Some of my Bakelite collection
I have a few Bakelite pieces, the above were bought from antiques suppliers or on etsy.  I haven't tested them, nor do i have any interest in testing them.

Bakelite or not Bakelite.... who gives a f***

These were bought for pennies at various charity shops, are they Bakelite, who knows, not do i care.  they look the part when mixed up with my real Bakelite.

Confetti Lucite, yum!  I think i actually prefer this to Bakelite, well i guess it depends on the outfit.  This is my little collection of confetti Lucite thus far.  I love it!  Bangles are a steal compared to Bakelite and they are sparkly!  I got the gold clamper and the two clip on earrings from Raiment Revival on Etsy.

I have just purchased, these two.... well i have heard the Lucite clamper prices are heading the same way as Bakelite craved ... an investment!

Here are my two little celluloid bangles, allot older than my Bakelite ones, these are probably from the 20s or 30s.  These would originally have been coloured,  you can see on the top one remnants of colour.

Do you collect vintage plastic?  What do you prefer?


  1. I collect mostly bakelite but I also have a few lucite bangles that I adore. I'm in St Louis where vintage is pretty affordable and I often find bakelite for way cheaper than online prices. For me, bakelite hunts are a fun game. I try to see if I can spot it being sold as average plastic, see if my testing skills can pick it out of a crowd of costume jewelry and see if I can get it for a really affordable price. I've never spent more than $35 for a bangle. My collection is a source of pride for me because everything in it is something that I had to dig and work hard to find. We do have a lot of sellers in St Louis try to sell bakelite for online prices but I'd rather dig and sniff it out (literally) and get a bargain

  2. Yes i do and i had no preference excepted for big carved and chunky bakelite but it's not for poor gal as i'm who's leaving in Europe.
    US flea market are a little bit far away to make great bargain :)
    Bye bye.


  3. I am a fan of vintage plastic jewelry,period.All of it sends my heart aflutter! The price of bakelite IS totally ridiculous and I've noticed with the lucite confetti clamper bracelets its getting the same.They're cute but NOT $200+ dollars cute(or rare for the matter!).

  4. I love all of your confetti lucite. I have absolutely zero pieces of it. I have a decent collection of Bakelite, but I only buy it when I can find it at a reasonable price. The most I paid was $100 for an orange carved piece that has kissing fish on it. Most of my pieces I get for a bargain. I am also not opposed to buying bakelite wannabes like resin or lucite. As long as it looks the part I am not too concerned.

  5. That first picture did definitely make me drool a little. I have a super dangerous love on for the bakelite. My collection is OUT OF CONTROL....I've actually run out of room for it all...

    That being said, I also love lucite, and anything rhinestoned, and basically....anything old and pretty! So I wouldn't turn any of those down either....

    Prices can put a damper on things, but I figure if there's a certain bangle I want...onto the wish list it goes so it stays in my mind, and 9/10 I find it cheaper or it goes on sale!

  6. Ahhh! A post of my taste! Looovely!

    I got 3 of those black carved bangles with metal inlays and I tested them with every single test there is and it's not Bakelite, I got a very good nose.
    I've got them for pennies in charity shops so it's not like I spent a lot, personally I don't care if they are, I still thing they look nice.

    I'm in love with your confetti lucite, I have a soft spot for it.

    I think you just encouraged me to go through all my jewelry and see what needs to go. (I got way too much) Thanks for that! <3