Monday, 11 November 2013

All in black with Leopard Print

I am still in  my Beatnik phase.  Mainly because i am in LOVE with these new cigarette pants i have just made.  After losing a bit of weight, hardly any of my clothes fit me.  So i thought i would treat myself to a pair of black denim cig pants.  Dressing all in black is a timless and chic look, minimal effort maximum style.  Plus it makes whatever your accessorise with, stand out!  Today i have accessorised with my leopard jacket.

I got the leopard print coat from a vintage shop in Sheffield, years ago.  Since it is my go to warm winter coat i have re-lined it since i had worn it out!  I love it, it only cost a tenner and i must say is the most perfect leopard print jacket!

The pants are made from medium weight denim with spandex.  I can get the denim in a few colours including black and navy.  The pattern is an adapted vintage pattern, which i have made many adjustments to over the years since first making them.  There is a side zipper, fixed waist band with a trouser clip to fasten.   I have made this pair with belt loops (when ordering please state if you would like belt loops or not)

The are all made to measure, so I would need the following measurements from you, your waist taken at the smallest part, your hips taken over the widest part, your front and back rise, and also your desired inside leg length. (see diagram below for where to help on where to measure)

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rockabilly Bride

At the beginning of the summer myself and a group of my most talented friends took part in an exciting project.  We created three bridal looks and styled a photoshoot.  The location was Elston Castle in Derbyshire.  Our photographer was Emma from Luna Photography, hair styling by Lucille's Locks and make up by Ms Moo Make up.  We had beautiful accessories loaned to us by Lottie Loves Vintage 
and the bouquets by Rebecca Markham 

Our models for our fun, 'rockabilly' shoot were Sophie and Johnny.  I felt that Sophie's hair and tattoos suited a fun and flirty 'rockabilly' dress. The dress is a full circle skirt, with layered tulle, the bodice is a strapless sweet heart with tulle gathers.  Teamed with a sparkly beaded and sequin belt.

If you are planning a wedding or know someone that is please check out these fantastic gals;

Luna Photography
Lucille's Locks
Ms Moo Make-Up
Lottie Loves Vintage
Rebecca Markham

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Beatnik Style

Today's outfit is inspired by the 'beat generation' or beatnik style.  Think Audrey Hepburn in Funny face or Midge from Mad Men.  Smokey jazz bars, sipping wine, listening some weirdo recite poetry, having intellectual conversations..... nah i just wore this outfit to go shopping and have lunch.

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

Midge with Don, Mad Men

Black Turtleneck; BHS
Shoes; Asda
Cardigan; Primark
Specs; Ray-Ban's

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

A little Horse Obsessed.... #ootd

In my last blog post i wrote about me re-kindled love for horse riding.  I showed you some fabric i got from the states and this is what i made from it.  A gathered dirdle skirt and one of my best selling sun tops.  i love how when worn together it looks like a dress.  I love separates as they can be mixed and matched to create different outfits.

My riding is going well, i love love love it!  Yesterday i booked in for a last minute hack at another local stables.  I feel so lucky to live within five minute of two riding stables.  Yesterday i went for a hack with Gertrude riding stables in West Brigford.  A really friendly and laid back family run business.  They have 12 horses and ponies.  When the horses and ponies are not being use in the week for weddings, they are put out to field.  Then they are brought in at the weekend and used for hacks.  Really good value for money for a long one hour hack along the Trent.

Yesterday i rode Maud, a beautiful large stocky Gypsy cob.  I was told that she is often used in Indian weddings, i would love to see her dressed in up traditional Indian wedding gear.

Check out my new boots and riding hat, got all the kit now, dont i look the part. Oooo and my posture is rather good too!!

Check out her mane! 
If you are as nutty about horses or in fact any thing and fancy a custom made skirt and top set.  Get in touch!

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Horses, Horses, Horses.... HORSES!!

Riding in vintage style (cashmere duck egg blue turtle kneck and barbour)  check out my new helmet

If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter then you will know that my current obsession is horse riding.(i make no apologies)   You will probably be bored of me banging on about it by now too!!

Throughout my childhood and teens i was an avid rider.  My room was floor to ceiling plastered in pony posters, i spent every weekend down the stables with my best friend Lulu (Lulu was a pony btw, not a person, yes my best friends were horses and ponies) my hair was usually in a low down scraggly pony tail no doubt with horse poo and straw in it, flattened down by the riding hat.  i lived in jodhpurs and wellies... covered in poo and stinking.  i loved it! 

Then i discovered boys and hooch... things changed.  Out came the fake tan and the heels (least said about that phase the better) I soon forgot about my best friends who had been by my side throughout my dreadful childhood (hated my school years, bullied for having big eyes and big boobs- believe it or not, the stables was my only sanctuary)

My first ride in over ten years!
I have been going riding for five weeks now and i love it.  It hasn't taken me long to pick it up again either.  I have been having a lesson a week at Nottingham Riding Centre.  I have a one-2-one lesson with Louise the stable manager.  Its such a lovely stables, everyone is really nice.  Its not intimidating at all, i was slightly nervous about going to a new stables. Its a big stables, with eight ponies for the pony club and lots of other horses and ponies in for livery.  I love going down there early, i make it a must to say hello to each horse there.

Each week i have been riding Rosie.  She has been a star!  She has a rather bouncy trot but her canter is beautifully smooth.  Louise tells me she loves to jump and is a great at dressage.  So i am very much looking forward to jumping and a spot of dressage too.

Lucille from Lucille's Locks came out for a hack with us one week
 My dream would be to own my own horse, get really good and compete.  So i am going to help out at the stables and learn more about having a horse (re-learn i guess)

Rosie tacked up, having a last minute munch before our ride

Horse mad and i dont care!  it has even inspired my sewing!  i have just had this fabric delivered all the way from the states... looking forward to making a gathered skirt and a couple of tops.

Do you have a hobie that isnt vintage or sewing?  Are you crazy about it as i am?

Monday, 2 September 2013

Eat Clean but naughty!

raw vegan chocolate brownie

I blogged a few weeks ago about my new 'not on a diet' and starting Philates and keep fit classes.  Its going really well, only a couple of weeks in and i can see and feel positive differences on my body.  My skin is clearer, probably due to my morning smoothies and drinking a lot of water (drank a lot anyway) i have started to lose weight, my ibs and bloated tummy has subsided.  i feel more awake and have more energy.

My 'not on a diet' is basically 'eating clean',  but what is this new fad.  Nothing new about it, just eating good honest real food.  if you don't know what an ingredient is on the packet chances are your body wont either.  I try and stick to the below rules....90% of the time... hey no body is perfect!

However i do love the odd treat.  That doesnt mean that they arent clean!  i have been experimenting in the kitchen with a few raw vegan deserts that use the oddest ingredients.  I made vegan brownies (see first photo) last night with three simple ingredients, dates, walnuts and cocoa.  See here for recipe.

Who would have thought an whizzed up avocado with a bit of honey (use maple for vegan version) and cocoa would taste just like high fat chocolate mouse!!  And much nicer than those processed ones in little plastic pots!  i serves it with berries which i heated in a pan a little (no added sugar or liquids, just their natural juice) and low fat greek yogurt.  (next plan is to make raw yogurt and stop buying processed from the store)

This is a quick healthy protein packed brunch, i made it after my three hour bike ride on Sunday.  The banana omelet.  Simply one egg beaten, one banana mushed and fried in coconut oil, served with strawberries and greek yogurt.

I don't see my diet is a chore, something i hate doing.  Its all in the attitude, its the difference between and ordeal and an adventure.  I see my diet as an adventure!  i get excited going to the green grocers every morning to see what they have new in season, its the highlight of my day in fact... sad i know! ha!

I dont follow any particular rules.  i get most of my inspiration from pinterest and other blogs i follow, including the Freelancers Fashion Blog, who has been eating clean for a while.

Do you have any healthy clean treats you would like to share?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Polka Dots, Tulle, Sequins and Sparkle..... Lydia's Wedding Dress

I have been dying to share with you Lydia's wedding dress for months now.  Lydia came to me at the beginning of the year with a few ideas for her perfect wedding dress.  We narrowed it down to a few things the dress had to have; polka dots, tulle, bows and sparkle.  So with my very exciting brief in hand i went about designing her dress.

After our initial consultation this is what i sent Lydia, along with some samples of fabric and polka dot tulle.  The final dress was a mix of design A and the belt from G.  But with smooth under bust and back and the gathered tulle on the bust only.  I sent Lydia a sketch of the final design.

At the beginning of the summer Lydia returned to my studio again to confirm her dress, chose the belt and also to get measured up.  She brought along her bridesmaid too to get measured up as they were having BooBoo Kitty Couture dressed too!

After a few fittings and a few tears from mother of the bride and bridesmaids too.  Lydia's wedding dress and her bridesmaid dresses were ready to take home.  A few days (the next day in fact!)  my inbox was filled with lovely photos from Lydia of her big day.  Thank you Lydia for letting me share these images of your very special day.

The dress was made from a base fabric of supreme satin in porcelain, with layers of plain and flocked polka dot tulle on the skirt, gathered at the waist band to add volume.  There was gathering on the bust line and tulle over laid the satin on the rest of the bodice.  The high quality bridal satin shimmered like pearls in the sunshine through the layers of tulle, while the sparkly belt twinkled drawing the eye into Lydia's tiny waist.  

 A ribbon edged stiff crinoline was wore separately under the dress to create even more volume!  Which must have made dancing really fun!!

The bridesmaids wore custom made yellow satin dresses, all with full circle skirts.  Two girls had sweat heart halter necks and the others had boat necked 'Audrey' dresses.  I adapted one of the dresses because one of the girls was pregnant!

I love how Lydia, accessorised the bridesmaids yellow dresses with pale blue sashes and shoes.  You might remember i have made yellow bridesmaid dresses before, ten of them.  Those were accessorised with pale pink.

My crazy talented friend Lucille aka Lucille's locks did all the girls hair.  Lucille is super talented, if you are local to Nottingham i highly recommend you book in with her.  Such a pleasure to work with, such a clam, glamorous lady!

Thanks again to Lydia for letting me share these images.  Hope you had a fantastic honey moon!

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