Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Swing Dancing -First Lesson

On Monday i attended my first swing dancing lesson.  I has been a long time coming since i learnt to dance.  I am fed up eyeing up all the dancers with envy at rock n roll nights.  Revival Dance run two dance lessons in West Bridgford Nottingham, one on a Monday night with Terry at the Poppy and Pint and one on Thursday at the Embankment with Hayley.  I got ten lessons for £20 via groupon to attend Terry's class on Monday.

I went to the class with Rose Desire for moral support.  I have two left feet and no concept of rhythm at all.  I knew i wouldn't be very good but i went along anyway for the fun of it.  it really was fun, the class was mixed, so we were thrown in (literally) in at the deep end!  The lesson was good, Terry broke the dance down to small easy to learn sections.  But i could really of done with one lesson simply learning the most basic step!

I don't know the name of the dance we learnt, i know it was an 8 step.  I am also going to give Thursday's lessons a go next year.  Hayley is going to teach the stroll, which i am eager to learn  All the girls stroll at events, they look really cool all dressed up.  i am really looking forward to joining them.

Fancy joining me, check out their website


  1. Did the count go something like... 1, 2, 3&4, 5, 6, 7&8. The 3&4/7&8 are triple steps?


  2. I go through the same thing.always watchin g everyone dancing and don't know how to do the stroll or jive.i took swing years ago but never got a chance to use what I I am sure I will need a class and re learn.