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Small Business Top Tips - Facebook

We love it and we hate it with a passion.  But there is no getting away from it if you are a small business owner.  Facebook.  It has helped me a great deal.  I have been running my page for two years next April and already i have nearly 4,000 'likes'  i am going to share with you some of my top secret tips on running a successful page.

 I am by no means an expert, i am simply sharing what has worked for me.  i am going to do a series of blog post, small business top tips.  I previously wrote a few blog posts for becoming self employed and this post is how i came up with my business idea and turned my dream into reality.

Firstly set your business up as a page, NOT as a profile.  There is nothing more unprofessional than a business that has a profile rather than a page.  I am surprised how many quite large businesses still engage their customers through personal profile pages.  Get a page!!

Find your voice and stick to it, are you a 'I' or a 'we'.  Also get a page personality.  Decide on how much of your own private life you want to put out there for the world to be involved in.  Remember not everyone who uses facebook is nice.

Keep your page up dated with up beat interesting info.  When posting something, try and have a photo.  i have found people respond to images than simple status updates.  Look at your stats, see which posts people interact to and post more like it.  I got the most interaction when i post about Maybellene my pug, so i throw in the odd pug photo... even though the page is about dresses, so what.  What the page is about is me, that's what my brand is, me and my pug!

Photo by Flashes and Lashes
Keep everything up beat, your facebook business page is NOT a place to bitch or complain!

Engage with the reader.  When making a statement, end it by asking them a question.  This is good because it gives them a say, plus its also nice to chat with your fans.

Network.  Get to know other small businesses in your field, engage in collective projects together.  Be careful with simply sharing a page, perhaps share a photo and the link the page owner in the statement, that way the post is seen on your page as well as theirs.  Networking with others is how i have got the majority of my 'likes' and two years later, those small businesses are some of my best friends!

Photo by Flashes and Lashes (i love these girls and owe them a lot)
 Facebook has changes a lot since i first started using it.  Previously all your fans saw your posts now only 10% do if you are lucky.  The more engaging you make the posts the more likely people 'like' or comment, the more engagement you get the higher the reach.

Work all your other social media sites together.  Twitter, blog, Pinterest, Instagram.  Don't link your twitter to your facebook, this can cause your facebook to look cluttered and messy.  But you can link your facebook to your twitter.  If there is a social networking site out there that is free, get on it!  Facebook isn't the be all and end all, especially the recent changes it has made.

I think about facebook as my central hub for all information, my blog like my magazine, my twitter like my news paper seller shouting 'extra extra' read all about it.  My instagram like my small independent zine for my magazine.  My pinterest like my research for my magazine.  Remember not everyone pays attention to all your posts in all your networking sites, so it may feel like you are repeating yourself, but don't worry.  You can post things in different words if you feel you are repeating.

'Share this photo to win'  be careful about doing this, its actually against facebook rules.  They have the right to delete your page without warning.  Perhaps run the competition on your blog and tell people about it via fb and twitter. 

Don't beg for likes, not cool makes you sound desperate and is likely to piss off those who already like your page.  its not cool!

Its all in the timing.  If you have an interesting post or if you can only find time to post once a day.  There is no point telling everyone in the middle of the night.  Most people use facebook at lunch time or in the evenings.  Or the prim time, Sunday afternoon/evening.  Got some big announcement to make, do it then. 

Post intersting content, people liked your page for a reason.  Keep them interested and wanting more.  They can ealiy like you, but they can just as easily unlike you.   And if they do dont take it personaly.  Think positvily at least they have visited your page at some point and seen your work.

Facebook is a tool, it is not your business.  Do not rely solely on facebook to bring traffic in for your business.  It is free (for the basic sence) make use of it as much as you can!

Dont give your customers the hard sell constanly.  No one likes to be told to buy something over and over again, no matter how good it is.  People are nosey, they like to know about the brand, the person behind the brand.  Thats what they buy, they dont buy a product.

Photo by Flashes and Lashes
What works for you?  Have you got any tips for me?

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