Monday, 31 December 2012

Removing Glitter Nail Varnish

How many times have you frustratedly scrubbed trying to removed tattered old glitter nail varnish.  Used a whole bottle of remover and it still wont budge! Frustrating as hell!

Try out my method for quick easy removal.  In fact you don't have to just use this method for glitter varnish, it removes regular nail varnish too, in half the time!
You will need, nail varnish remover, cotton pads, cling film or tin foil.  Cut the cotton pads into quarters, amerce in nail varnish remover, wrap in tin foil, leave for 20 mins or so.  Pull alien faces in the mirror with your fingers. Remove, Voila naked nails!

 Now your nails are fresh and clean ready for your next nail adventure!


  1. I've always heard about this but never tried it.. will keep it in mind!

  2. I always use this method to get rid of glitter varnish, especially the chunky stuff. I love the varnish you're wearing in the last photo, what colour is it?

  3. This is soooo useful - thank you! I have been wearing a lot of glittery nail polish recently, and it takes a lot of elbow grease to get it off! Will be trying this out next time! :)

  4. Just tried your nail varnish removal tips! Worked a treat! Thank you! xx