Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Vintage Morals

This morning during a mid morning break i switched on the Channel 5's The Wright Stuff.  Matthew's views on child benefit and none-breeders always make me giggle.

Today there was a light hearted debate about getting stuff from Free-Cycle and selling it on.  We have got a few bits of vintage furniture from Free-Cycle.  I would have no problem putting these items on ebay once i no longer need them to make money from them.  My house is full of vintage furniture, we regularly get rid of items and replace them with new finds.  Its hard to keep track of where we got the items from and how much we paid for them.  Sometimes i give furniture away for free, sometimes i sell it on ebay.  Then use the money to buy more furniture.  i have no issue if an item i happen to sell was got from Free-Cycle.  Just as i don't have a problem that if i give a piece away, if the person then sells it.

My Old house, gave away that sideboard, it doent bother me if the person sells it on, bought the coffee table for £2 might sell it and make a profit, cabinet £6 could easily sell and make a profit.

 I don't see Free-Cycle as a site just for the poor and needy.  I wouldnt class myself as needy nor poor and i certainly dont credit check a person collecting an item i am getting rid of on Free-Cycle to check if they are poor or needy.  There are plenty of charities out there, so if you do want your furniture to go to those in need, donate it to a charity.

For those who have issues with this, what about the vintage sellers who buy items cheap at chairty shops then sell them on to make a profit.  Surly you are ripping off charity shops.  Or what about that poor man at the car boot stall in the freezing cold, selling what he thinks is tat, but you know is Midwinter and will fetch a good price on ebay.

At the end of the day, the person giving away items on Free-Cycle are happy, they have gotten rid of that blasted sofa taking up all the space.  The Charity shops are happy because they have made a bit of money selling something someone dontated to them for free.  Mr Smith down the carboot sale has made a few quid flogging that hidious china him and his wife got for a wedding present back in the 50s.

Oh if someone were to be selling this at a carboot fair for a fiver, i would happily give them a tenner!
 You are happy you got a 50s sofa for free, you are happy you got a bakelite bangle from the charity shop for £1, you are happy you got a mint condition Midwinter coffee set for a fiver.  And if at some point down the line you chose to sell them on, dont feel guilty!

The people who should feel guilty are those throwing perfectly good stuff in skips!

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  1. That last line! Yes a million times.
    I don't care what people do with my stuff if I get rid of it and neither should they. Although it would be nice if not to many people started using free-cycle to make a profit the nice bits and pieces get snapped up quick enough as it is.