Friday, 9 November 2012

Kirsty's Vintage Home

I cannot stand Kirsy Allsopp, just loading up this photo onto my blog makes me want to yell at my laptop and punch the screen.
i tuned in to watch Channel 4's newest series Kirsty's Vintage Home.  I knew i would spend the hour shouting at the TV, but i watched it anyway.  I did like some of the crafty parts of her previous series and she did meet some talented craft people.  I just had to get over the fact that every time she tried out a new craft she acted like a spoilt five year.  Oh i wish i would send her to the naughty step!

Dispite ruining a perfectly good side board and telling every channel four viewer to by teak G-Plan, no doubt sending prices through the roof... cheers for that Kirsty.  It was an Ok show and i will continue to watch the rest of the series and rant and shout my way through it!


  1. agreed! ohhhh that poor sideboard - can't help feeling if something has endured the decades just leave it be!

  2. I love her with Phil selling houses but on her own doing interiors nah, no, definitely not.