Monday, 29 October 2012

Red 'Cry Baby' dress

Photo by Grace Elkin Photography
I have made a few burlesque costumes in my sewing career, i featured one for Anna Fur Laxis in this blog post about her new act, Showgirl Assassin.   I recently made this sexy red satin wrap dress for Rose Desire for her new 'Cry Baby' act.  For those not familiar with the film (i suggest go out and buy it NOW!)

 For the design i had to take into account how she would remove her dress as a part of her act.

Photo by Grace Elkin Photography

The good thing about this dress is that she can also wear it as a cocktail dress... and if she has too many cocktails, she can easily remove it!

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  1. Gorgeous dress. And thanks for the Cry Baby clip - as a budding teen I was OBSESSED with that film, and that's my favourite bit. Love it!