Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Turquoise and Pink Bathroom...

I recently decorated my bathroom turquoise with pink accessories.  i did want mint green but it was more blue than i expected.  it took me ages to source towels in the right shade of pink, good old ebay to the rescue!

Watching Mad Men, i am doing yet another marathon, start to season five.  i cant get enough!  I am heavily influenced by the show, from what i wear to how i furnish my home.  i didn't realise my bathroom was the same colour at Betty Drapers! Seeing as i have seen each episode at least six times, it must have sunk in subliminally.... either that or Betty Draper copied me!

Beswick inspired flying ducks From Blend Boutique

But oh to have a pink bathroom suite that would be a dream!

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