Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Get on yer BIKE!

I have been pashing for a Pashley for many years now.  Then i discovered Beg Bikes.Which i am even more in love with, oh the Ladies Betty in vintage sage green, swoon!  But as i have only been self employed for six months now, i couldn't justify £750 on something just because it was drop dead mouth wateringly pretty, beautiful, to die for, lovely!  I even contacted Beg to beg for company sponsorship but alas nothing.

I have recently moved to West Bridgford in Nottingham.  Its a stones throw from the city centre.  Its a hip and cool part of the city, where many locals potter around on their sit up and beg bikes.  I needed on.  Yes needed one.  I said to myself it would pay for its self!  I came across this Kensington Hamptopn city shopper, for only £160!  The thing that sold me, i am gonna be honest here; is its colour!  That vintage sage green that i have been begging over in the Beg bike.  Its no beg bike, but it will do.  I have called her Mavis and i love her!

She arrived in bits, i was quite nervous about buying a bike online without test riding her.  But did i mention she was vintage sage green and had a basket!

My first time on a bike in over a decade! Dress-handmade by me

 I have been trying to get Maybellene to sit nicely in the basket, so we can go on many adventures together.  We have been practising in the park but all she does is cry.  looking at getting a back wicker caged basket for her.  Do any of you take your fur babies cycling?

I am quite upset that i missed the Vintage cycle ride at the weekend,  so today Mavis and I left Maybellene at home and went on adventure together.  I cycled along the Trent to home pier point through Lady Bay.  I was gone for hours, i wanted to go further but the weather turned nasty.
 I had such good fun going on my own little adventure.  No doubt i will feel it tomorrow!

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Sarah's Floral Prom Dress

As Autumn firmly takes its hold, the warm summer days are nothing but a distant memeroy! (well the few warm, dry days we actualy had this summer)  I just love reciving customer photos, really does warm my heart and bring back memories of summer.

Sarah came to me looking for a floral dress to wear to a summer wedding of a close friend.  She was going to do a speach in front of allot of peopl, so all eyes would be on her.  She wanted something spectcular and classy, without out doing the bride of course!

Photo by Kirsten Johnson Photography
Here is what Sarah said;

"Thanks once more for my amazing dress that I’ve worn to 3 different things already! I really love it so much and I’m really inspired by your talent and your enthusiasm for what you do. Was a pleasure to meet you and I’ll defo be in touch soon for more of your creations. I’d love a whole wardrobe full but maybe that’ll have to wait. I’m actually thinking I’d love to get a mad men-esque shift dress for my events stuff at work. I can never find work dresses that fit and flatter me! Also wanna get something a little less demure from you at some point too. Ooh the possibilities…"

Have you got any photos of you in your BooBoo Kitty Couture dress?  Send them to it really does brighten up my day!

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