Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bete Noire Jewellery

Since i started my business, I have always wanted a clutterfly double heart necklace based on my logo.

When Clutterfly went out of business earlier this year, it was sad to see such an iconic and successful brand disappear.  But recently i started to notice allot of buzz on the interweb about Bete Noire.  I was very curious to find out more about them as they were very very similar to Clutterfly.  I initially thought it was another impostor, but after a bit of digging around (i read the about me section on their website) i found out that it was the designer and maker, Beth from Clutterfly.  Who had now decided to run the business solo.  I quickly contacted her and enquired about my custom necklace and after she showed me a pic on instagram as to what she had made.  i loved it and placed the order.  it only took about a week from initial enquiry to me actually wearing it around my neck.  Now that's top customer service!

You can either order designs directly from the shop or have a complete custom order.  Best way to do this is have a browse on their website.  Have a look at the options, heart colour, sparkle, print, banner.  Or you can drop her an email.  Here are a few of the ready made ones i love!

Photo by Flashes and Lashes

Check out their website,


  1. I love this last necklace!! SAILOR GIRL! :D

  2. All necklaces are beautiful! And you can customize them, that's great! <3