Saturday, 7 April 2012

Scarlet Dresses and Illustrations

This Easter weekend, i am taking a break from my sewing machine.  I got out the water colours and sketch book to work on a top secret project, but i cant show you those sketched just yet ;)  But here are a few i drew up which aren't for my VIP client.  The dress below is a drawing of Susie's red scarlet prom dress, i actually drew the sketch inconveniently after i made the dress.

I've really enjoyed sketching and particular using water colours.  It is something i rarely have time for, i think i need to MAKE the time!


  1. Oh deffo! I started doing a few collages... Only because I can barely draw a smiley face ;) Nice work lady

  2. I pinned that last sketch onto my Pinterest board, hope that is ok, linked it to here.

  3. Lovely illustrations!! :)
    May x