Monday, 30 April 2012

Good Hair day..

I haven't washed my hair since last Wednesday, but i am having the best hair day ever! My secret.. dirty hair!

Day Five of wet Pin Curl Set
Firstly, i did a rough wet pin curl set after i washed it on Wednesday.  My hair wasn't soaking wet, but damp.  I did it without a mirror, whilst watching TV.  I didn't think i would work so i didn't put any setting lotion in it.  But to my surprise it did! Here it it the next morning after i took out all the bobby pins and brushed it out.

Day one, wet pin curl set
I sprayed it with hair spray and took the dog for a walk.  It was such a windy day, but my curls survived!

Day one, wet pin curl set, after a windy walk
That night i re-pinned my curls, a quick squirt of setting lotion mixed with water.
Day two of wet pin curl set
In the evening, i re-pinned them again, squirt of setting lotion and the hair net went on.

Day three of wet pin curl set
Day three was a wet and windy miserable day.  I spent the day going round vintage shops with Rose Desire, my Burly friend.  Then we went for lunch.  Hair, sort of lasted the day, but looked a bit wind swept and frizzy.

Day Four
This might explain why my hair looks so good today.  On Sunday, day four, i kept my hair in pin curls and the hair net all day.  I had a steamy hot bath, which also might have added to my curls staying power.

Day five, best hair EVER

Day five, best day ever
With the help of my bottled buddies, dry shampoo, styling powder and hair spray.  I have had the best hair day ever!  Its a bugger that its a Monday and the only thing i did today was go into town, and havent had a chance to show it off to anyone who really appreciates vintage hair! Oh well i will learn for next time.... if i want good hair on a Saturday night, plan it five days in advance!

Here are the products i used;

Schwarzkopf, Got 2b, 2 sexy
Schwarzkopf, Got 2b Rock it dry shampoo
Schwarzkopf, Got 2b style powder , this gives volume to my quiff
Stay Set, setting lotion, mixed it with water and put it into a spray bottle

Quick out fit post... and the other half came home just as i am writing this post so he can take one of my full out fit.

Cardi, Oasis
Circle skirt, hand made by me
Sandals, New Look
Belt, Ebay
Celluloid bangles, vintage
Pearl necklace, vintage

Now i think you've had enough of seeing my face by now, that was a very photo heavy post!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Betty Draper Shirt Dress

Wow! I wrote this blog post on 1st June 2011, about my lust for a Betty Draper of Mad Men, shirt dress.  I have only now got round to finishing the project, i have no idea why.  It took me only two hours to complete after i cut it out and overlocked the edges last year, shortly after the origional post was wrote.  OOppss!

I chose this vintage pattern, i made the first view on the left.

I even had all my accessories pick out for the outfit. I was going to accessorise with pink, a lacey pink crinoline, pink bet, pink sandles.

I love my shirt dress, i am already planning more in many colours and prints.  Its super comfy and fun to accessorise.  Think an all black one next!

I can do it! A seamstess and proud! Me posing me with sewing inspired tattoo sleeve, by Valerie Vargas.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Feeling sorry for myself ..

After a trip to the doctor (nothing wrong with me just routine 'girl' stuff!), i came home feeling sorry for myself.  Sat in front of the TV watching This Morning and Loose Women.  I browsed on Etsy for some new vintage jewellery.  I fell in love with these sets, a faux coral 60s set from Antique Ali and the pink mother of pear set form Vintage Starr Beads. So i treated myself!

I have started to wear clip on earrings since i used to have my ears stretched and despite leaving them to heal over over a year, they haven't shrank back..... listen to your mother kids, when she says. 'what if you change your mind!'  But still i much prefer the over sized bling look of vintage clip on earrings.  I feel very Joan Holloway when i take off my earring to answer the phone!

Sadly had to leave these on my wish list...








Have i tempted you to buy some pretties??

On other news Loose Women is awful TV, i m off to put an old movie on instead! 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Scarlet Dresses and Illustrations

This Easter weekend, i am taking a break from my sewing machine.  I got out the water colours and sketch book to work on a top secret project, but i cant show you those sketched just yet ;)  But here are a few i drew up which aren't for my VIP client.  The dress below is a drawing of Susie's red scarlet prom dress, i actually drew the sketch inconveniently after i made the dress.

I've really enjoyed sketching and particular using water colours.  It is something i rarely have time for, i think i need to MAKE the time!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Vintage Envy, Giveaway Winner!!

Remember this post a while back?  The lovely Cyndie from Vintage Envy gave my blog readers the opportunity to win one of her vintage sweater guards.

Just about to announce the winner...

Pulled of of a vintage hat of course
Maybellene did the honours

And we have a winner Miss B

Miss B writes a blog called Retro Lovely.  She entered the competition by posting about it on her blog.  Miss B get in touch, to claim your prize!

I will be holding another giveaway shortly, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The New Vintage Look

On 10th April, we will be taking part in a catwalk show; The New Vintage Look at Proud Cararet London.

Showcasing on the 10th April 2012 at Proud Cabaret the premier burlesque club in the heart of London, is a fashion evening promoting 1940s and 50s reproduction clothing companies from the United Kingdom, Sweden and USA. As well as having a fashion catwalk there will be live music and burlesque acts to keep you all on your toes and dancing away into the night.

All money raised is going to the Royal Brompton hospital in London, the hospital has been helping to look after people with heart and lung defects from around the country and continue to go from strength to strength. So as well as all the money from ticket selling going to the hospital, there will be a charity auction to raise even more money with some amazing pieces! 

Buy your tickets for the show here!