Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vintage Envy #GIVE AWAY!

Back in December i treated my self to a couple of goodies from Etsy, as birthday presents from me to me.  I bought the above from a cute little shop called Vintage Envy.

Their shop was so cute and picking out only a few items was tough.  Here is a few of my favourites for sale in their shop now!

 Left to Right; 
Gorgeous Vintage Plastic Flower Earring Sweater Guard Clip 
Rose Garden - Vintage China Heart Shabby Chic Assemblage Necklace 
Farmhouse Chic Vintage Victorian Portrait Bead Work Brooch And Faux Pearl Assemblage Bracelet

From a very young age I have been attracted to pretty things!  I remember my mother dressing to the nines in her high heels and costume jewelry.  Of course we always had the prettiest dresses with matching shoes and little handbags.  When I married my husband we did a lot of travelling and we had great fun looking in little antique shops that we would find along the way.  I got a great job managing and buying for a small boutique.  I would scour antique stores and thrift shops for vintage props to make the vignettes in the store more interesting.  I loved the mixture of old and new.  While antiquing I would pick up vintage flower brooches and other unique jewelry to mix with my new jewelry.  Women would always comment on how much they loved my vintage pieces.  I started making bracelets out of vintage earrings that I would find and would wear them to work.  Customers fell in love with them so I started making them to sell in the store along with necklaces and earrings made from pieces of vintage jewelry and other vintage elements.  In 2009 I opened my shop called Vintage Envy.  I now sell fabulous vintage jewelry as well as my own jewelry created from vintage pieces to customers all over the world.  My dream is for my customers to be envied wearing one of my Vintage Envy pieces!

I love my vintage pieces, i blogged about them here when they arrived.  Its so nice to have pretty Little packages delivered!

The lovely Cyndie at Vintage Envy is giving my lovely readers a chance to win one of her vintage sweater guards!

I just love sweater guards, they seem to be a piece of jewellery that has somehow become extinct in recent years, but is now making a come back.  Emma Pillsbury from Glee has become a style icon and frequently wears them attached to her cute cardies.  I don't watch the show itself, but i think i might just to see Emma Pillsbury cute outfits!

For you to win a cute sweater guard of your own all you have to do is.  
  • Be a follower of this blog.
  • Check out Vintage Envy's shop and tell me which one is your favourite piece, by commenting on this blog.  You can only leave one comment for one entry.
  • Or if you are having trouble logging in you can email me your entry at
  •  You can also enter for a second time by tweeting the following, 'check out this giveaway at @boobookittyc blog for your chance to win #vintage'
  • For a third chance to win, you can share this competition on your blog.  Please send me the link once you do so!
The lucky winner will be drawn at random in two weeks time on 1st April (no Joke!) at 6pm.  
All entry's must be received by midday (UK time) on 1st April otherwise they may not be counted.
And Good Luck!!



    I think this is my fav piece, although its sooo hard to choose as everything is pretty amazing!

    x x x

  2. Nice give away! I like this sweater guard:

  3. What a lovely giveaway Aislinn!

    I love this little telephone brooch

  4. What a beautiful giveaway!!!!

    I really adore there seagull sweater guard clip.

  5. I like the seagull sweater guard clip as well, its really cute :)


  6. i shared the link on tumblr >

  7. I absolutely adore this owl brooch. It would be so cute paired with a teal cardigan...

    Your sweater clip give away is fantastic! I think these (along with the pen necklaces) should be a staple in every working woman's wardrobe!

  8. Oh what a lovely giveaway!
    My favourite item would be the Vintage Metal And Pink Plastic Rhinestone Flower Earrings!

  9. It's sooo hard to choose!
    It's either the turtles, as they're fabulously quirky and I love animals, the 'Let me call you sweetheart' one as I'm a sucker for romance and pretty much anything heart shaped, or the heart shaped ones made up with pearl-type beads, again for the same reason as the second. I really don't know which is my favourite...maybe the turtles...

    I have tweeted (@bec1989)

    I'll also be posting about it on my blog :)

    So hopefully that will count as three entries.

    Becky xoxox

  10. I can't decide between the palm tree sweater chain and the turquoise floral sweater chain, both are gorgeous. I think for sheer retro kitsch value I'd have to say the palm tree one hehe

  11. I adore the Fabulous Green Plastic Flower Sweater Guard Clip. So bright!

  12. I just love sweater guards, but I have never found one in a shop.
    I truly neeeeeeed this in my life. It's hard to choose, but I like the pearl hearts.
    Pretty please?

  13. Just posted it on my blog too! Not sure if the link works.
    Damn technology!! ;)

  14. Loving this one but was a tough choice, too many to choose from had 3 faves

    I absolutely love this piece such an amazing shop xxx

  16. I like these blue carved rose ones Summery, fresh and adorable! x

  17. I'm loving the Fabulous Vintage Heart Sweater Guard Clip! I'm also posting this on my blog at xxx

  18. Eek! It was hard to choose a favorite! Almost forgot to come back and enter because I got too distracted! =) I love all the daisy earrings, but I can't wear them because I have plugs in my ears and none dangly earrings just don't look right on me now... I feel like others pull it off, but I just can't.
    But other than those, my fav is the TinType Vintage necklace. So many different cool pieces too it! I love it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Oh ~ also, I'm in the States, and wasn't sure if the giveaway was just UK or not, so I figured I would enter, and if it's UK only, then you don't have to count my entry. ; ) Thanks!