Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Atomic House - Getting There...

I blogged about my ideas and inspiration for the interior design of my house in this post back in October last year,  we have since been collecting pieces to go in the room.  As all the items are vintage and we don't want to pay trendy London antiques prices, it took allot of time and allot of hunting.  Although, as much as i love vintage.  I am a rubbish hunter and do not take credit for any of the items we have in the living room.  All items were sourced my other half.  Many of mornings i would be snoring my head off in my warm cosy bed, while he would be digging around in sub zero temperatures at the local car boot.  I don't know what it is, it just don't have the patience.  I know what i am looking for, i am just unable to see it in a mass of tat.  Although i didn't actually find any of it, i do take credit for the over all design of the room, i after all was the one who came up with the over all look, he just went out and found the pieces ;p that's my story and i m sticking to it!

Part of my cat collection, i did find all these myself :)

A what-not and our arch lamp (which isn't vintage, but has a vintage look to it and its a very iconic piece)

Teak and brass star burst clock

bloody giant TV ruins the whole look

Atomic coat rack, these were originally in Celia's vintage old shop
 We had a new carpet fitted yesterday.  We had an old dark navy blue one before, which was ruined by the dog when we were toilet training her.  It has now been replaced by a neutral beige one, it has really brightened up the room and brought life to the vintage pieces we have.
beautiful tall glass catches the light and adds a splash of colour

(what we think are) Beswick swallows

My cabinet full of treasure

The original 1950s/60s Ercol three piece was a complete steal from Ebay.  If you were to buy this newly upholstered in a trendy vintage boutique in London, you would be looking to pay thousands.  We got the whole set for under £100.  We are hoping to re-upholster it at some point.  But for some reason with the new bright light carpet, it has made the sofa look fresher too.  So at the moment we are in no rush.  I am starting to quite like it.

part of my Ercol three piece suite, in original fabric

Ercol Sofa and that blasted TV

one of many Midwinter coffee sets
One thing the room does need is textiles.  I have pulled together some fabric samples.  The green will be for the sofa, looks more of a bright zingy lime green in person, with flecks of brown and cream to soften it.  I am planning to use the cream back ground fabric for curtains and the red for scatter cushions.  These are reproduction prints from the Sanderson 50s range, based on original prints from the era.  I like them, although i am not completely sold on the idea, we might do a bit of hunting first to see if we can find original vintage fabrics.

The other rooms in my house are also vintage, the dining room looks more like an antiques shop, our original 60s Danish teak table is stacked high with vintage tea sets ready to go on sale, our original Nathan teak side board has mis-matched lamps and large vases on it.  We have a 1950s bar, but it needs a bit of restoration as it has water damage.  Our bedroom has furniture form the 40s to 60s.  I love my 40s dressing table.  But the whole look is ruined by in ikea bed.  But as i said previously, having a vintage house takes time, there isn't a big vintage ikea that's a one stop shop. (well there is vintage emporiums like Alfie's in London but you pay for it!)

Who else extends their love of vintage from their wardrobe to the house?  
What styles do you collect? 
What is your most prize possession?

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  1. Oh, I love your cats!
    MY TV is so small (12 or 13") that it does not show on my shelf. On the other hand, it is so small I rarely watch it :D
    For hte country house I am planning to put the TV (which is a lot bigger) inside a cabinet! Plus the rest of the electronics. When it's time to watch I'll just open the doors. Ok, that means ones has to drill holes i the back of the vintage cabinet, but it will be worth it.

  2. Oh, I love to see interior of vintage lovers!!!!
    I don't like danish design so much, I really prefer colorful kitch 50's furniture.
    My house is fully vintage furnished 40's-50's style, here are some pictures:

    1. OH wow! LOVE yours, has a real tiki Californian look to it. I havent seen any pieces like that her in the UK. I love it, where are you from? where do you find such beauties? Love, i am in awww!

    2. i just cant stop looking at your lovely photos!

  3. Love love love this! You have put it altogether really well.
    I also run we run a monthly series called Vintage: Inside & Out which features people's homes that have a vintage look! Wish you lived in Manchestersi I could include yours!!

    1. Well my sister lives in Manchester.. that doesnt help at all she lives in some student dive!

  4. It all looks lovely kitten! I am very envious because renting is so poo and means no decorating for me!! :( I have so mnay little homeware things i've collected over time but just doesnt really go in a modern place and it's soooo annoying. I do have some pieces out like my atomic lamp and 2 tier shade, which is too good to hide away, but I often daydream about what i'd do if i had my own place.

    1. I rent. but we were lucky enough that our land lord let us paint the walls a light cream, they were brown before, with a navy blue carpet, it was such a dark hole before. But the room itself is just a blank canvas. when i do get my own place i would love to have wallpaper up, shelving units on the wall and not to mention a vintage fitted kitchen and a bathroom with a pin suite (think my OH might protest againts the pink tho!)

  5. Your living room looks awesome! We are buying a 50s house and I can't wait to decorate. We have a bit of a mix right now, but I definitely want to hone the look once we've moved. Although we'll be keeping our IKEA sofa--our cat ruined our 50s one by scratching and we were so angry we decided just to keep a modern one that we can get cheap slipcovers for when she ruins it again...which she is! :P

  6. I have a 40s lounge and a few 40s cabinets,and the odd antique, but am going more 50s cheery diner than true vintage. I love black and white tiles and gingham, and have framed vintage 40s ads on the walls. Interior design was really what started my loved of vintage back when I renovated my 1910 house - and so it continues, but now I love 40s and 50s. Well done with yours, and thanks for sharing.

  7. So pretty! My husband and I love vintage as well. We finally own after renting for 8 years so we've been getting bold. I added a leopard print wall to our sitting room, haha. Aside from "blasted TVs" as you call them, our house is all vintage. I wish I could update an old wooden TV, I would totally do it. I love your cats! We have a Siamese cat and he's our baby!

    I will include a link to my leopard print wall blog post so you can see it. Let me know what you think :)

  8. Gorgeous! Can't wait to get a load of that bar once it's done!
    Those two glass bottles are fantastic! I have a pic of my grandmother's house from 1961 and she has a purple version of the blue one in her bathroom...I've been searching for one for years to 'replace' it!
    Also love the china cabinet. Reminds me of one that was in my hairdresser's salon when I lived in London...I always wanted to snatch it up and take it home with me!