Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cigarette Pants

I blogged a couple a weeks ago about my working from home wardrobe.  I have been working from home for just over two weeks now and i must admit, there have been pyjama days.  But mostly i have had clients over and been out and about.  I have mainly been wearing dressed and full skirts as they are comfy.  Today i decided to make myself something.  it has been months since i made myself anything.  After blogging about my love for Betty Drapers cigarette pants, i decided to make myself some.

I used a vintage Simplicity pattern.  The measurements were slightly smaller than mine, but it had a big seam allowance and i was going to overlock the seams, so i only needed a small seam allowance, giving me the extra inches so they fitted me.  They are really cute, they have double darts are the waist so it really emphasises the waist and brings the trousers in at the waist.  I plan on making myself quite a few pairs of these and oh yes there will be plaid pairs!


  1. I really love them! I've been watching mad men on Netflix (for the 3rd or 4th time) and find myself wanting some cig pants too. They look fab on you!

  2. Those are awesome! Nice work!! And a definite inspiration! I might need to try and make some of my own. Not sure if they will turn out that well... Not on the first try anyways, but I suppose the beauty of making it myself is if they don't work I can rip them up and give it another try. ; )

    Any advice on what kind of material to use? I've only really used the sewing machine for fixes, not creating new items, so I'm not great at fabric selection yet. I'm guessing a good idea would be "trouser style fabric" =) but I'm not too sure what trousers are technically made of... Cotton? Polyester...? Any advice would be handy. Thanks! =)