Monday, 19 March 2012

Easily Distracted -Pugs!

Today i have been making a custom order in the pink tattoo fabric for a dear client.  I noticed that one of the scraps was the right size for a bandana for Maybellene.  So i quickly knocked out up.  Then went rummiging through my scrap box for more and picked out this cute lady bird and gingham, i made a reversable one too.

I currently sell hunam head scarfs in my Etsy shop, wonder if a matching one for your pooch will sell too!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rockabilly Nautical from Matalan


I made these cigarette pants last week, in an attempted to expand my casual wardrobe.  I also made them again in Navy.  The navy pair have a very nautical feel to them.  After reading Retro Chick's post on the iconic stripped t-shirt.  It inspired me to get one.  Me being a lazy shopper, was thankful for her recommendations of where to buy them on the high street.  I like the Matalan one she suggested as i like the width of stripes.

£7 Matalan

I have never shopped in Matalan before, think the last time i went in there was when you had to have a special members card to enter the store.  Do they still do that?

I thought i would have a look and see what other bargains i could find.  There was allot of nautical things, perfect for the Rockabilly girl.  Here are a few of my favourites!

These are such a bargain!  The cute red waist belt in red only £4 and a blue one with a fun anchor on it, £4.  Or fancy a more subtle belt, check out this two pack for £3.
Or this cute hair bobble for, £2.50.
I love wedge sandals, they are my wardrobe staple for the summer.  Look what i have found.  Only trouble choosing which ones to buy!

Stripey ones for £16 and blue polka dot ones for again £16. These are are a bargain £8 for canvas espadrilles and they come in three nautical colours.

Vintage Envy #GIVE AWAY!

Back in December i treated my self to a couple of goodies from Etsy, as birthday presents from me to me.  I bought the above from a cute little shop called Vintage Envy.

Their shop was so cute and picking out only a few items was tough.  Here is a few of my favourites for sale in their shop now!

 Left to Right; 
Gorgeous Vintage Plastic Flower Earring Sweater Guard Clip 
Rose Garden - Vintage China Heart Shabby Chic Assemblage Necklace 
Farmhouse Chic Vintage Victorian Portrait Bead Work Brooch And Faux Pearl Assemblage Bracelet

From a very young age I have been attracted to pretty things!  I remember my mother dressing to the nines in her high heels and costume jewelry.  Of course we always had the prettiest dresses with matching shoes and little handbags.  When I married my husband we did a lot of travelling and we had great fun looking in little antique shops that we would find along the way.  I got a great job managing and buying for a small boutique.  I would scour antique stores and thrift shops for vintage props to make the vignettes in the store more interesting.  I loved the mixture of old and new.  While antiquing I would pick up vintage flower brooches and other unique jewelry to mix with my new jewelry.  Women would always comment on how much they loved my vintage pieces.  I started making bracelets out of vintage earrings that I would find and would wear them to work.  Customers fell in love with them so I started making them to sell in the store along with necklaces and earrings made from pieces of vintage jewelry and other vintage elements.  In 2009 I opened my shop called Vintage Envy.  I now sell fabulous vintage jewelry as well as my own jewelry created from vintage pieces to customers all over the world.  My dream is for my customers to be envied wearing one of my Vintage Envy pieces!

I love my vintage pieces, i blogged about them here when they arrived.  Its so nice to have pretty Little packages delivered!

The lovely Cyndie at Vintage Envy is giving my lovely readers a chance to win one of her vintage sweater guards!

I just love sweater guards, they seem to be a piece of jewellery that has somehow become extinct in recent years, but is now making a come back.  Emma Pillsbury from Glee has become a style icon and frequently wears them attached to her cute cardies.  I don't watch the show itself, but i think i might just to see Emma Pillsbury cute outfits!

For you to win a cute sweater guard of your own all you have to do is.  
  • Be a follower of this blog.
  • Check out Vintage Envy's shop and tell me which one is your favourite piece, by commenting on this blog.  You can only leave one comment for one entry.
  • Or if you are having trouble logging in you can email me your entry at
  •  You can also enter for a second time by tweeting the following, 'check out this giveaway at @boobookittyc blog for your chance to win #vintage'
  • For a third chance to win, you can share this competition on your blog.  Please send me the link once you do so!
The lucky winner will be drawn at random in two weeks time on 1st April (no Joke!) at 6pm.  
All entry's must be received by midday (UK time) on 1st April otherwise they may not be counted.
And Good Luck!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

My Dressing Table

A couple of weeks ago i tidied my dressing table.  It's normally a right mess, bobby pins (or Kirby grips) and powdered makeup dust everywhere.  I even got round to cleaning all my makeup brushes and containers, this happens about once a year i am ashamed to say, don't judge me Ms Moo (a dear makeup artist friend of mine, check out her work)... i also don't take my makeup off before i go to be either, heheehehe.  Anyway despite it being covered in crap my dressing table is rather pretty and i have some rather pretty vintage pieces on it too.

My uranium glass dressing table set, should house my bobby pins and pin curl clips, but these can usually be found scattered across the house on the floor, its good to keep them always hand i say.  But my other half's opinion slightly differs.  I drive him insane with my general messiness and bobby pins and in particular dress making pins forever on the carpet!

I need to find a more particle way to store my vintage jewelry.  In this photo my favourite pieces are in this little glass pot, but more often than not they can be found on my bedside table, by the edge of the bath, on the coffee table, in various handbags.  Making getting accessorised when one is in a rush a nightmare... and i am always in a rush and running late.

 My flowers and my headscarfs 'should' live in these boxes, which are shelved on a rather ugly modern book case in the corner of my room, this is also where all my bags live. No photos as i am ashamed to have such an ugly piece of furniture in my bedroom!

This is my makeup, not a big collection.  I usually wear the pin up, vintage look.  Its all about a smooth clear base, Rosy cheeks, simple eyes, liner and red lippy of course.  I love lipstick.  My collection consists of just two brands MAC and Rockalily.  Also have a Chanel one but that's gone to the junk makeup box along with MAC Ruby Woo, as its rubbish!

And a token goof ball photo of me in the mirror!

Circle Skirt- handmade by me
Gypsy top- H&M
Headscarf - handmade by me available in my Etsy shop
Pearls - H&M
Belt - H&M

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Atomic House - Getting There...

I blogged about my ideas and inspiration for the interior design of my house in this post back in October last year,  we have since been collecting pieces to go in the room.  As all the items are vintage and we don't want to pay trendy London antiques prices, it took allot of time and allot of hunting.  Although, as much as i love vintage.  I am a rubbish hunter and do not take credit for any of the items we have in the living room.  All items were sourced my other half.  Many of mornings i would be snoring my head off in my warm cosy bed, while he would be digging around in sub zero temperatures at the local car boot.  I don't know what it is, it just don't have the patience.  I know what i am looking for, i am just unable to see it in a mass of tat.  Although i didn't actually find any of it, i do take credit for the over all design of the room, i after all was the one who came up with the over all look, he just went out and found the pieces ;p that's my story and i m sticking to it!

Part of my cat collection, i did find all these myself :)

A what-not and our arch lamp (which isn't vintage, but has a vintage look to it and its a very iconic piece)

Teak and brass star burst clock

bloody giant TV ruins the whole look

Atomic coat rack, these were originally in Celia's vintage old shop
 We had a new carpet fitted yesterday.  We had an old dark navy blue one before, which was ruined by the dog when we were toilet training her.  It has now been replaced by a neutral beige one, it has really brightened up the room and brought life to the vintage pieces we have.
beautiful tall glass catches the light and adds a splash of colour

(what we think are) Beswick swallows

My cabinet full of treasure

The original 1950s/60s Ercol three piece was a complete steal from Ebay.  If you were to buy this newly upholstered in a trendy vintage boutique in London, you would be looking to pay thousands.  We got the whole set for under £100.  We are hoping to re-upholster it at some point.  But for some reason with the new bright light carpet, it has made the sofa look fresher too.  So at the moment we are in no rush.  I am starting to quite like it.

part of my Ercol three piece suite, in original fabric

Ercol Sofa and that blasted TV

one of many Midwinter coffee sets
One thing the room does need is textiles.  I have pulled together some fabric samples.  The green will be for the sofa, looks more of a bright zingy lime green in person, with flecks of brown and cream to soften it.  I am planning to use the cream back ground fabric for curtains and the red for scatter cushions.  These are reproduction prints from the Sanderson 50s range, based on original prints from the era.  I like them, although i am not completely sold on the idea, we might do a bit of hunting first to see if we can find original vintage fabrics.

The other rooms in my house are also vintage, the dining room looks more like an antiques shop, our original 60s Danish teak table is stacked high with vintage tea sets ready to go on sale, our original Nathan teak side board has mis-matched lamps and large vases on it.  We have a 1950s bar, but it needs a bit of restoration as it has water damage.  Our bedroom has furniture form the 40s to 60s.  I love my 40s dressing table.  But the whole look is ruined by in ikea bed.  But as i said previously, having a vintage house takes time, there isn't a big vintage ikea that's a one stop shop. (well there is vintage emporiums like Alfie's in London but you pay for it!)

Who else extends their love of vintage from their wardrobe to the house?  
What styles do you collect? 
What is your most prize possession?

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cigarette Pants

I blogged a couple a weeks ago about my working from home wardrobe.  I have been working from home for just over two weeks now and i must admit, there have been pyjama days.  But mostly i have had clients over and been out and about.  I have mainly been wearing dressed and full skirts as they are comfy.  Today i decided to make myself something.  it has been months since i made myself anything.  After blogging about my love for Betty Drapers cigarette pants, i decided to make myself some.

I used a vintage Simplicity pattern.  The measurements were slightly smaller than mine, but it had a big seam allowance and i was going to overlock the seams, so i only needed a small seam allowance, giving me the extra inches so they fitted me.  They are really cute, they have double darts are the waist so it really emphasises the waist and brings the trousers in at the waist.  I plan on making myself quite a few pairs of these and oh yes there will be plaid pairs!