Sunday, 26 February 2012

Vintage Fair Spring 2012

Today i went to the Vintage Fair in Nottingham.  It was held in the Albert Hall.  A good venue, nice and bright and lots of space, with beautiful original features.

Here is my outfit for the day,

Dress vintage st Michaels
Shoes, cant remember
Bag, vintage Etsy
Bakelite and celluloid, various places
Lucite confetti necklace and earring set, vintage Etsy
Head Scarf, vintage Celia's Nottingham
Flower, H&M
Lippy, Rockalily Mermaid
Sunnies, Raybans

This is what i bought, but it was too small on the bust :( will sell it on Etsy at some point

the Mr bought this

he wanted this but didnt get it
After the fair we walked around town.  I nipped into the god awful Primark to get a new pair of pjs.  I hate that shop, but i m on a tight budget.  Whilst in the queue, a pair of twelve year olds and their mother were pointing and laughing at me.  Like i was some sort of feeling less freak!  They were only about two feet away, practically right in my face.  What gives people the right to behave this way towards others?  Why did this mother think it was ok that her children did this?  Why did a grown woman think this kind of behaviour was acceptable in polite society?

Being heavily tattooed and dressed in a alternative way since my early teens.  I am used to being stared at, it doesnt bother me.  But to laughed at right in my face like that, really up set me.  I asked my twitter followers how they deal with negativity on how they dress.

@TheSherBear ignore. I've had it my whole entire life. Ignoring doesn't stop it, but it certainly doesn't encourage.

@themissnextdooor I ignore them, but if I'm in a bad mood I'll let them know. "You couldn't stare a bit more could you?" or "What's so funny?"

@thecent_kitty  If i find girls sniggering at me i turn away (And it is always girls) I presume it's because i'm comfy living a differnt life.  I also would never want to look or act like those mocking me. I don't want their approval, & the very fact that my appearance

@_PrintedPage  I only had it once, a very young couple laughed in my face, I couldn't hold back & gave them a gob full!

@quin_h_murray  I smile at them and thank god that I'm not boring and stupid like they are!

@Esyrii ignore it because I know I'm beautiful INSIDE as well as out, they are obv ugly inside to behave like that!!

@ScarlettDaggers I always confront them, politely but publicly. Question the example they're setting their children that should shut them up!

@Rocknrollcliche head up high, throw out ' fuck you I am way more confident and fit' vibes and chuck in some death stares till they look away!

@DollyCool This happens to me a lot too...They are silly little girls with thick parents who will be plain Jane's forever...... ignore!!!Oh, and they usually get a filthy look as well - just for good measure!

@zombiebunnyink  I do the same no point wasting my breath and I dont listen to idiots let them stay with their herd.

@exquisitebones  I get stares and glares and laughs from dumpy women in dirty pajamas at the grocery store here. Forgive me for wearing a dress

@alicemartha That is terrible,how you dress is totally personal and you shouldn't have to worry what other people think.

@pinkgal2345 when ive been laughed at for the way I dress I normally smile and offer some red lipstick or say oh are my seams not straight?

Have you ever experience negativity towards how you dress? 
How do you deal with it?


  1. First off, you looked LOVELY! That dress is amazing!
    As for negative comments, I'm sure I've overheard a few sniggers over the years but fortunately had nothing obvious happen. I've had so high a number of compliments about my style that the few negatives are soon forgotten. I too have dressed alternatively for many, many years and just look at negative comments from others as a sign of a small mind and a rude mouth. Truly, it isn't worth you time to worry over though I know it takes a few days to fade.

  2. People are moronic...

    On the upside, I LOVE the pink dress you are wearing, and I am in love with your handbag, I have one very similar that makes me very very happy!

    I get negative attention sometimes when I am out and about, but the positive attention I get always out does it. =)

    And I think you look absolutely beautiful. x

  3. I think you look absolutely stunning, your style is just beautiful and talk about armfuls of gorgeous artwork! Those people were evidently blind and/or stupid. I get a lot of funny comments about the way I dress and I have had some really negative things said about me too, and it's horrible, it makes me feel embarrassed and want the ground to swallow me up! But at the same time I get a lot of positive comments too. Recently, dressed in one of my favourite outfits, I was stared at by a little girl in a shop who kept asking her mother who the "pretty lady" was :) I like dressing the way I do, it makes me and sometimes even other people happy and that's all that matters. Life's too short to get hung up on the people who have nothing better to do than make fun of someone just because they're not conventional. I know it's rubbish, but don't let it get you down!
    Katie xxx

  4. I think your outfit was lovely! Gosh, i love that dress!...and don't even get me started on that bag! Fabulosity!!!
    I get odd looks occasionally, but have never gotten any outright insults...the worst for me is the "What have you come as" comments, that I always just put down to style/trend ignorance, not really to those comments usually come from men, so it's a bit more understandable! Most often though, from women, I get the "love your look" and "I wish I could pull that look off" comments. But there are those 'pajama princesses' who give the occasional odd look or giggle. But the opinion of someone who falls out of bed and can't even be bothered to take 10 minutes to put on something they haven't slept in is really not important to me!
    I'm kind of astonished that woman would not only be nasty to you in public herself, but would encourage the behavior in her children. Idiocy perpetuating idiocy. Poor kids haven't got a chance. One day, they'll grow up and make the wrong rude comment to the wrong person and the result won't be pretty.
    Anyway, I think you look great! Keep it up!!!

  5. I have been lucky I guess never to encounter that behavior from anyone. The only time I have been close to it was at a party once when a guy trying to hook up with me began the night by calling me a hollywood star (thank you dear) but ended the night with the comment that I reminded him of a catholic priest (and yes my dress was button through and cocktail length but I'm neither a man or fond of small boys haha) but that's it I think:)

    Oh and I love the advice to smile at the rascals and thanking god you don't look like everyone else - I know I do;)

  6. I think you looked stunning, I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I think t says a lot more about them than you. Let it go and continue to dress beautifully. Lynn x

  7. i think you look very sweet, not everyone has to be dressed the same way, that would be pretty boring if we all looked and dressed the same, right? ignore negative comments, honey:)
    followed you , follow back please?

  8. Love the outfit,very very cute *.*

  9. You look so so amazing...I adore vintage !
    You have a new follower :)
    Feel free to check out my blog too:

    Erika xx

  10. Someone once asked how much I got in compensation after my accident, to which I replied not as much as your Mum got for having you. Gotta love Mum jokes!

    I reckon you look gorgeous, as always <3 xxx