Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Prom Dress Collection

I posted a quick blog post earlier last week on my entry on Enterprise Nation and Fund101.  I thought I would share with you a bit more about the scheme and how I plan to spend my £500, if I reach the golden number of 500 votes.

It is sponsored by Paypal.  Every month Paypal donate £5000 to Enterprise Nation for Fund 101.  So if you are a small British Business owner, I strongly suggest you put your bid in.  You can apply for as little as £25 or £500 which is the maximum amount.  I thought I would aim high and apply for £500.  The application process is tough and every month they get swamped by thousands of applicants.  But be patient, if you are not successful one month, try the next.

I plan to use the money to design and make a high end evening wear collection.  I have designed and made allot of wedding dresses and prom dresses for commission customers last year, a few examples of which can be see on my facebook page.  It is an aspect of sewing I really love.  I really want to push my business more towards bespoke, one of, couture style dresses.  Although I love making day dresses in brightly coloured fabric, I do think the market is saturated with small business using Alexander Henry and Michael Miller fabric.  I love the fabric and I want stop using it altogether, will just be putting more emphasise on evening wear.

I have been using Pinterest allot recently.  It’s great to keep track of inspiration and where they come from.  One board in particular I have enjoyed working on has been the Prom Dress board.  Here are some of my favourite finds.






I do not want to copy these beautiful designs directly.  I plan on sketching my little heart out and experimenting with ideas.  I plan on making about 6 dresses in total.  All various lengths, styles and colours.  But I also want them to work in collection or a family.  I want to use these six designs as examples, in which I can show my customers in face to face meetings.  They can feel and even try on the dresses.  I can then either make them that dress to their measurements.  Or I can design and make them something bespoke. 

I will then organise a beautiful photoshoot for these dresses.  My girls, Flashes and Lashes are doing the shoot.  I have worked with them allot I the past.  I have quite a lot to think about for the shoot, location models and accessories.  I want to use as much local and small business talent as I can in this shoot.  I will most probably use Pinterest to start mood boards for ideas for the location,, models, makeup, accessories and styling ideas.

With the images I get back from the shoot.  I will use in new marketing material.  New flyers, new blog posts and also on my website.

£500 won’t cover the entire cost of what I have planned for this project but will certainly help.  All I ask from you is a little vote.  Please clickon the link below.

Click the purple box ‘sign up’ just below my picture, enter your details, now you are logged in.  Please vote, the icon to vote is a big star burst under my picture.  Don’t worry you wont get spammed with emails from them.  By voting you will receive two emails.  One confirming your log in details and another asking if you want t join their mailing list.  If you don’t want to receive any more emails, just ignore and delete the two emails.

Thanks again guys, I hope you are just as excited about my little project as I am.  I will be recording my progress and ideas on this blog, facebook, twitter and Pinterest.  So if you are on any of these sites do stop by and follow/like me!

(and if you do follow me on twitter and facebook, i would like to take this opportunity to appologise for spamming you with please vote for me tweets and posts!) 

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