Monday, 20 February 2012

Mr's New Tattoo

Stewart Robson, Frith Street Tattoo

Yesterday Mr BooBoo Kitty got two new tattoos.  He got them at Frith Street Tattoo studio by Stewart Robson.   They are for his mum and dad.  A thistle for his Scottish mum and an English rose for his dad. We both have had allot of work done at Frith Street, Stewart has done both his sleeves, Stefano has done two pieces on the back of his legs and i have had a sleeve done by Valerie Vargas.  Below are the pieces on the backs of his calf's.  They are for our two cats, Ronnie and Reggie, who we bought whilst we lived in Hackney East London.  The were named after the famous Kray Twins.  The other pieces, again has reference to the Krays, the Blind Beggar.  Which was the name of the pub  that Reggie Kray murdered George Cornell.  It also pays homage to our three years we spent living in London. 

Stefano C. Frith Steet
I will do a blog post on my sleeve at some point, it really is a work of art and i feel very happy and lucky that its mine :)

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