Sunday, 29 January 2012

Vintage China

Today we braved the frosty morning and went to the car boot.  With two pairs of woollen socks and a pair of tights on under my hunters, i still couldnt fell my toes. 

I am bad tempered when i am tired and cold.  Really wasnt in the mood for carbooting at all.  Especially when the place was full of smelly rude people, there was even a guy drinking a can of larger at 9am! -well thats one way to keep warm.. i guess. (just re-read this back and i am sounding terribly middle class.. but sod it!  It wasnt even 9am on a Sunday!)

I spotted this set in a box full of other stuff.  I asked how much it was, the guy said £20 and walked off.  Didnt give me a chance to say if i wanted it or not.  Pissed of, cold and grumpy i walked away.  Then met up with Mr BooBoo Kitty, he had bought the whole set for £8!! Two tureen's, oval serving plate, gravy jug, six bowls, six side plates, six desert plates, six dinner plates. 

I love the print, has an atomic feel to it.  It is Meakin wear and the pattern is Roulette.

We have lots of china collections, i have one cabinet, full of my 'Granny' bone china and another full of Midwinter and atomic.  But i never use any of it.  But i have decided, what is the point of having a nice set if it isnt used.... so who wants to come over for a vintage dinner and cocktail party!  Can only feed six of you!

Do you use vintage china?  Do you use it all the time or just for special occasions?

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  1. Amazing find! I've got a few bits of vintage china but I've been eyeing up a nice set in my local antique warehouse. If it's still there on payday I'll go buy it I think and bin all my mismatched modern stuff.