Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Country Air

Dress, handmade by me
Coat, fake Barbour- Tesco
Scarf and hat, ebay
Wellies, Hunter
Bag, vintage - used to belong to my Granny
Maybellene's AC/DC hoodie, Urban Pup

On another note, i came accross this really inspirationa blog, Scathingly Brilliant.  I just love her hair.  Very Shirley MacLaine from What a Way to Go.  Really want candy floss pink hair now!



  1. Cute! :) Love the combination of black and red, my favouite colors ;)

  2. Perfect dog walking attire! My fella laughs at me when I dress nicely for dog walking - you never know who you might meet! :) Saying that I have been hidng inside my enormous raincoat more often than not lately! Roll on spring!