Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dressember Day 18, #Outfit Post

Cashmere jumper, Primarni
Belt, Primarni
Skirt, Etsy - Call me Chula
Shoes, ASOS
Tights and long socks, because its freaking cold!!

Today, its my birthday! I am two days behind on my dressember posts.  I went out on Friday, 16th Mr BooBoo Kitty's work Christmas do, i looked the best i have done i years... yet no photos were taken. Then on the 17th, i looked the worse i have in years, (no photos taken, thank god!)

Today, i spent watching Marilyn Monroe films and surfing the net and spending what funds i have in my paypal account.  Mr BooBoo Kitty then took me for dinner at Las Iguanas.  We then went for drinks at the Ghost House Christmas Party.  Ghost House is a clothing brand run by a group of very talented tattoo artists in Nottingham, Justin Burnout, Vicky Morgan and Lee (L.W.B)  A top t-shirt of choice with Mr BooBoo Kitty.

Was a good night, had a gin and tonic or two.  Caught up with some good friends, who i haven't seen in weeks.  That's the thing with starting your own business, especially, whilst holding down a full time job.  You miss you on allot of social activities.  You neglect friends.  You lose touch with people.  I really miss going out.  But i feel i need to make that sacrifice... for now.  Next year... Things are gonna change....

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