Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Through out the month of December 2011, I am going to wear a dress for every day of the month.  I was inspired by this facebook page.  I will be posting a blog post every day here and also on their facebook page.

 Artwork by Alexandra King

Here is what their facebook page says;

Dressember 2010 saw ladies and adventurous gentlemen across the globe pledging to wear a dress every day of December. Photos were shared here, and are still here for you to see.

Here we are, rapidly careering towards Dressember 2011, and it's time to don the frocks once more. Some of you will return, others will be Dressember newbies, but either way you'll find Dressember changes the way you dress all year round.

What you can do.

Ditch the jeans and sweatshirts. Get your dresses out, it isn't too late, lots of us are doing it and the more the merrier. You can rewear dresses throughout the month and rework them with accessories. It is also a great excuse to raid the wardrobes of your sisters, friends, mum, gran and neighbours.

As you disappear off with your mother's vintage dress you have had your eye on for some time, just call out: "Its for charity Mum" and jobs a goodun.

Some of us have been wearing jeans or trousers while generally clattering around running a household, organising the ever growing complicated arrangement that is being a mother, or working out there... in the workplace where buisness and boiler suits are our daily wear. (Some of us even work from home and haven't dressed like Joan Collins to go downstairs and fire up the workstation.)

Others of us are veritable fashionistas, dressing up everyday whether people like it or not.

Whether you want to get together with other dressemberers from around the planet and get into a dress fuelled bonding experience and to drag yourself out of leggings and into female frockery; or you are one that knows there are only so many dressing up days until death (who is always glad to discover other people strutting around as stylishly as you) here we all meet, bond, share - we hopefully raise a bit of charity money too.

You have no dresses you say?
If you don't have the option to dress up - just grab some dolls dresses and pin them to your lapel in solidarity with your sister-fashionistas, or dress your children up instead. Add the photos please...

What counts?
Some suggestions that skirts count if you sew them to your vest have trickled in, and others are quite confident that a nice top and flowy skirt is a two-part-dress. NB: We deem a dress to be anything that covers your bottom. Celebutantes falling out of nightclubs, take note!

Too shy?
If you don't wish to have a photo of you, just lay your dress out in a butterfly with the accessories you chose that day, then take a photo of what you wore and add it.

Last year we donated to a couple of charities, and if anyone wants to suggest a cause for 2011 they're welcome :-)

To keep us motivated in 2010 we had some theme days, and again we are open for suggestions :-). Below are what we did in 2010


More get-togethers to be announced, just as soon as you tell us about them.

Yes, time for us to go to the prom, the ball, to glide fantastic around our Saturday, hopefully Christmas shopping for more dresses, and to share pictures of us doing it. To wear a ballgown somewhere that ballgowns are not normally worn - A supermarket, or middle of a roundabout on a deckchair - up to you!

Yes, for those males that have not yet joined the ranks we have a special dedication - dressnap! We get them to put on a dress and have their photo taken - or, if you don't have a victim we meant volunteer, just put a dolls dress on your cat, or a childs dress on your dog.

To mark the halfway point - we are getting photos of ourselves jumping - utilise beds, settees and children's trampolines throughout your neighbourhood.

Yes, lets get into a cruscendo of sillyness and celebration of love by either wearing your wedding dress that you married in - or a bridesmaid dress you wore for someone else's big day. Some of us who have never been bridesmaids may wish to go get a dress from a charity shop and be a dressember-maid - to get it out of our system. Anyone that was made to be a bridesmaid in the 80s in a Little Bo Peep horror, get it out! Show us what they did to you.
Anyone going out to a public place in such gownery is going to get extra points and then some.

To Donate, click here

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fairs Fair

Last weekend was my first event and craft fair.  The pin-up make over duo, Flashes and Lashes, held the first of many open days.  They kindly let me have a corner of their studio where i would woo their clients with my beautiful dresses..

It was a fantastic day!  Ms Moo and the Heebie Gee Bees girls gave the clients amazing make overs, with hair and make up.  There were a few tears, good tears when the clients saw the finished results in the mirrors.  It was so nice to see allot of clients bring along their favorite dresses to be shot in, many of which were BooBoo Kitty Couture pieces.  Some clients even got to chose from the samples i had with me and get photographed in them.  

They all looked amazing.  If you fancy seeing the final shots, check out their facebook page.  And also keep an eye out for more of their open days.  One hour shoot for just £75, a perfect way to treat a friend. Or like one client did, treat yourself to an amazing shoot for your birthday and divorce present, the final "up yours, look how stunning i am!" -and she was indeed stunning!

The tools of the trade

The concentration in Ms Moo's face
Ms Moo is also doing a special Christmas make up lessons in the Nottingham area for only £40, see here for more info.

After the open day, it was time to hall my stall to the other side of the city to set up for Fairs Fair at the Navigation;

I have defiantly caught the craft fair bug and really want to attend allot more fairs in 2012.  I have learnt allot from my first fair, mainly about i present my goods, so they are easier for the shopper to identify what they are.  My stall has allot going on in it, the funky fabrics can make it look a bit messy and busy.  this is something i want to work on to make my next one more of a success!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Maybellene in Print!

A while back I entered Maybellene into a modeling competition.  Run by Sky One's Different Breed and Urban Pup on Facebook.  The competition was fierce, but Maybellene and her cuteness shone through and won!

Photo by Flashes and Lashes

She won lots of Urban Pup goodies and a modeling contract with Urban PupUrban Pup suggested we used a local photographer instead of getting Maybellene to travel and if i knew of anyone... hells yes! The Flashes and Lashes duo of course.  We did a few pin up shots of us both in true Flashes and Lashes Style!

And some of Maybellene modeling Urban Pup goodies;

And she is also in Octobers issue of Dogs Monthly magazine;

All photos are by Flashes and Lashes and are not to be used without their permission

Friday, 4 November 2011

Life Drawing Modeling

A couple of weeks ago i modeled for a life drawing class, here are some of the sketches by Jon Cave who runs the class.  Check out their facebook page.. here

Autumnal Red - outfit post

I made this dress a few weeks ago, perfect for Autumn.  I just love the colour, a deep dark red, made from 100% cotton, high neck and slight cap sleeves. An easy dress to wear, it can be dressed up or down, perfect for throwing on and nipping to the shops.  Here I have accessorized with black to wear to work.  I m posing in front of my 'atomic' cabinet.

The above piccy was actualy taken last week, i have been sick in bed for the past couple of days and pjs dont make very interesting outfit blog posts!  But as i lay in bed feeling sorry for myself......

*knock, knock*

The postman knocks on the door just as i am writing this.....

 Mr BooBoo Kitty has been at it again and buying me pressies :)

What can it be, red polka dot always a good sign..

And a red polka dot one..

Sits perfectly on my 'atomic' cabinet.

Green Tomato Chutney

  • 2½ kg green tomatoes
  • 500g onions
  • 1 rounded tbsp salt
  • 500g sultanas
  • 500g cooking apples
  • 500g light muscovado sugar
  • 1.14 litre jar spiced pickling vinegar 
This was the first year i was any where near being successful with my tomato plants bearing fruit.  On the last attempt the plants barely grew, due to it being too hot in my last flats balcony... more like i was too lazy to water them.  but this year i got a few red ones, which myself and my little nephew Oscar ate directly off the plant.  This was only due to the unusual heat wave we had in October.
Now it is the beginning of November and now the days are drawing darker and colder, i have given up on there being another heatwave to turn these sorry green tomatoes red.  So i made green tomato chutney to use them all up.

The night before, i slices the tomatoes and onions and left them over night with a table spoon of salt, now my fridge stinks of onion.... any ideas on how to get rid of the smell?

The next day i drained but not rinsed the onion and tomatoes.  Then put the vinegar and sugar and a low heat for 10 minutes until all the sugar had dissolved.

Now my kitchen is stinking of vinegar!  I then chopped the apple and sultans.

Added them to the pan and simmered for ten minutes..

Add the tomatoes and onion and simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally.

Once cooked empty to sterilized jam jars, make sure the lids are coated in plastic or the vinegar will corrode the metal.  

Leave to cool and thicken, for about a day

Now its ready add to your favorite strong cheddar cheese in a sandwich, enjoy!