Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Atomic House

I am about to embark on the the mammoth task of re-designing my downstairs area.

i am heavily inspired by this post by Penny Dreadful.  I have included a couple of images from the post but if you want to see more click on this link. 

The photos were taken at an exhibition about the Festival of Britain at 'The Museum of 51' in Royal Festival Hall at Southbank.

“Atomic patterns; bright colours; sleek, angular furniture – the 1950s was when interiors changed forever, when design hit the high street and fashion moved from the catwalk and into our homes. Revisit the time in all its glorious technicolour in the Homes & Antiques 1950s living room and let us know what you think on the interactive phone.” Homes & Antiques  

As i looked at the post with Mr BooBoo Kitty, we were like.  We have got that.  I've seen that on ebay really cheap.  The problem with out current state of interior design is that its a bit of a mish mash.  Although it is all vintage.  its a mix of shabby chic, french country and atomic.  I love 50s atomic, as does the Mr.  So we have decided to stick to the atomic look.

Currently out living room is complete and we are happy with it.  But just to complicate things, we want to swap the living room and dinging room around.  The current dining room is bigger than our living room.

So to make a shopping list and list all the items on ebay that i want to sell!  But thinking about what we do have already, we have got most the things we need, things just need to be styled and re-upholstered! :)

I have already shown you what treasures I have in my atomic cabinet, in my last post.  Over the next few posts i will share with you how i transform my living area.

All images curtsy of Penny Dreadful, please do not use without her permission


  1. It was an amazing room wasn't it. I immediately started collecting 1950s glassware after seeing it! Good luck with your decorating :) x

  2. Nothing is ever out of style, you just have to know how to make it work. Fantastic job on these designs!

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