Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mid Century, Atomic Cabinet

Yesterday i showed you my 'Granny' china cabinet, which had been banished to the landing because it doesn't fit with our new scheme for our living room and dining room.  Here is our new more 'atomic' looking cabinet.  Please excuse the rubbish photos, because of the mirror at the back of it, it was hard to get a clear photo.

Part of my Chance glass collection and teak antelopes

A very small section of my long necked 50s china cats

Early plastic atomic condiment set, butter dish and jam pot

Midwinter coffee set, set of six

red Murano glass

more of my Chance handkerchief bowls

silver tea set

More Midwinter

Atomic shot glass set

Today we have been looking at fabric and wallpaper samples :) -will show you tomorrow...


  1. I love Chance Glass Handkerchief bowls too. I have my collection on top of my dresser