Friday, 21 October 2011

Granny's china

We are in the process of re-decorating the downstairs of out house, we are looking to create more of a mid-century modern or atomic look.  But more on that in another post.  But the new sleek lines and bright colours, my beloved 'Granny' china and cabinet doesnt go. 

But rather than sell the lot, i found a new home for it at the top of the stairs.  The light really hits the china beautifuly.

My not so vintage Cath Kidson set

Cath Kidson

Given to Mr BooBoo Kitty by an old lady who he does her garden for, it was a wedding present when she got married aged 18, never been used, probably from the 30s or 40s

Dont know what make this is, dont really know what the stamps mean! But its pretty

Royal Doulton

given to me by Mr BooBoo Kitty's aunt, Royal Doulton

Set given to me by my mother in law

I cant wait to show you what we have done to the living room, more like planning to do because its all a bit of a mess at the minute!


  1. What a beautiful cabinet! And the china is to die for! I'm so glad to hear you didn't have to get rid of the set, this is something to keep and treasure for sure.

  2. I just love that cabinet.Oooh royal doulton my dream sets,Can't wait to see it finished.xx