Monday, 5 September 2011

Shapewear for a Vintage Silhouette

Finding the perfect vintage or reproduction dress is half the battle.  But if you aren't perfectly dressed in the under garment department.  That perfect dress can look like a sack of potatoes.  Lets face it who has the perfectly tones hour glass figure with pert pointy breasts?

Due to the tight fitting styles of the 40s and 50s all women wore shape wear under their dresses to get the fashionable hourglass silhouette. 

My favorite reproduction brand is What Katie Did.

This is my fave piece of theirs, i have one in black and light peach. It starts under the bust, so you can wear your own bra depending on what style of dress you are wearing. It finishes mid hip, it really pulls you in in all the right places... i love it!!  It is easy to get into, it has both hooks and eyes and a side zipper, if you do up all the hooks and eyes first then pull the zipper up for a really smooth finish.  Has six suspenders to wear with stockings. 

I also have their Merry widow in peach.  The straps are removable so you can wear it with strapless or halter dresses.  I like to wear this with full skirts as it really pulls you in at the waist.  The only problem with this, despite its ironic name 'merry widow' you do need a man to help you into it, as it pulls so tight the only way to get it on and off is with a series of back hook and eye clasps.  So when i ever want to go out dancing and the man isn't in, damn it, i cant wear it!


This waspie from ASOS is an alternative for that sinched in waist look.  It is easy to get in and out of.  For £23 and 2 or 3 inches of your waist, you cant complain! (ok maybe not 2 or 3.. but 1 or 2!)
I've got one of these waspies, that pulls in your tum, bit like a corset but isn't as ridged and you can still move and breath!  It is perfect for days when you don't want to wear stockings because unlike the What Katy Did ones, that all come with suspender straps.

Big pants are great,  the longer legged ones really give you a really smooth line. Not the sexiest of things! but you could always do a quick change at the end of the night into something more sexy. But i am beyond caring as long as my frock looks great who gives a damn! 
I haven't tried them but have hear that Spanx are good, they have clips that hook onto your bra band that stop them from rolling down, and also crotch poppers so you can pee without taking the whole thing off.. don't ask me i've yet to try them!
Here is another vintage inspired brand, Stockings and Romance,  i have not yet tried them out but they look darn sexy!
Source - sexy Lucy Fur Modeling
Then there is good old Marks, lots of variety, waist clinchers like the asos one, big knickers that have tummy control with a bit of lace for added sexiness!

Also high street shops, like Primark and Peacocks have ranges of shape wear at very good prices.

Well i hope that helps. shapewear... i swear by it... so does Auntie Gok.. who also has is own range of shapewear!


Next time i will take about bras, finding the perfect bra to go with your reproduction or vintage dress, see stay tuned by following my blog.

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  1. I love to buy wonderbra bras !!!! I have been a huge fan of this style of bra for years.