Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Mule, not a Donkey!


I love mules.  Although the higher ones do take a bit of practice to walk in.  I have been ooggling over vintage ones on such sites as Etsy.  I don't trust myself with vintage shoes, i would be too scared to wear them out dancing in case i ruined them.  From looking at all my current shoes i probably would ruin them!  Here are a few lovelies i have picked out on Etsy.  They were all still available at the time i wrote this post.



I have found these at Remix Shoes.  They are just perfect.  They could pass as vintage originals.  But it would cost me £150 to ship them to the UK.  I might as well buy three pairs of original vintage ones! 

After a quick facebook post to ask my fellow rockabilly and vintage loving friends advice.  I was pointed in the direction of Burlesque Shoes! I am in love! Step forward the Burlesque divas shoe of choice, Bordello!

I love just about every pair on the website.  But must stay focused.... The Bordello Genie was just what i have searching for!  Now what colour?  Here are just a small few of the selection available int he Genie.  I highly suggest checking out their website, but do so at your own peril! 

So which ones did i chose.... which beauties lay within this box?  Check out my next blog post where all will be reviled! 

***EDIT*** The lovely Louise at Burlesque Shoes would like to give my beautiful readers £5 off their next purchase.  Simply put the code - booboo in at the checkout! (valid unti 22nd October 2011)


  1. Oh they're all fabulous! I'm very curious which ones you bought... :)

  2. You're making me cry. I love mules.
    My man say I got the mule bug because I buy so many, but I stick to the ones under £5 on eBay. ;))

    Again, you've got good taste.

  3. I love mules too, took me a while to get the hang of walking in them as one of my feet is weird, i dont walk properly on it, think it has something to do with my arch.

    Must check ebay for more, as i cant wear my new beauties all they time.

    i have a few cheap pairs too, picked up an awsome pair from Asda for £5 last summer, most confortable things ever.

    Shame stupid winter is on its way, slip out of them in tights :( ... might just hibernate til spring!

    I'll do an outfit post on Sunday with my new ones..... and i have just ordered another pair too... i am such a sucker for discount codes!

  4. I just came across your blog, love it!

    I am *obsessed* with Pollys/genies. I have a variety of them, by different makers. The original Polly of California ones are my favorite. The used vintage pairs I have are so much more comfortable. I've yet to go with Remix (for the same reason you listed above). My friend has had two pairs break (heel and ankle strap), and the company is less than helpful with repairs. Betsey Johnson's are pricey but comfortable as well. Bordello ones however, aren't. But they're so much cheaper! Patricia Field also makes them, and though they're just as uncomfortable as Bordello ones, she offers unique colors and prints, and they often go on sale. I managed to get leopard ones with red trim for $60 :)

    Eek, I could go on forever! ...which ones did you buy?