Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cry Baby - Wanda

Cry Baby has got to be one of my all time favorite films, its right up there with Dirty Dancing!  John Waters is  genius.  He is more famous for bringing Hairspray to the main stream in 1988.  Cry Baby is one of his less known films but a massive favorite with the Rockabilly and Vintage subcultures.

I love the styling.  Because like other musicals and comedy's set in the 1950s, i am looking at you Grease.  Who's outfits are very much stereotypical and ofter exaggerated styling of the 1950s teenager.  The styling and the dresses are very much original and of time.  

My favorite character is Wanda.  I just love her mean, powerful 'Cry Baby Girl' attitude. " I wouldn't be caught dead in a full skirt."

Ooo check out her mules... so need a white pair now!  I have loved  Wanda's look ever since i watched the film and always wanted her hair! But with my short fine hair, i never thought i could ever get the look.  I wasn't about to get hair extensions again (the ones applied with bond adhesive, totally ruined my hair, about 6 years ago)

Extensions, not for me, all i could do was swoon over her style and thick locks.  Until i was recommended, Foxy Locks by a very 'foxy' burlesque performer, Trixie D Licious.  I ordered my Foxy Locks next pay day and i wasn't disappointed with them at all.  I got the Deluxe ones in Ash Blonde.  Foxy locks pride themselves on being the thickest on the market and using only 100% natural remy hair (remy-is to do with the direction of the cuticles, stops it from getting tangled, see their website for more info)

So extentions in, now tocut that fringe!
Do I or don't I? (note pug jumper)
New Fringe!

I really need to sack my photographer and get some better piccys!  But for now i am very happy with my fringe.  With my clip in hair extentions i can be Betty Draper one day and Wanda the next!

One more thing... I sooo need to make me a Wanda dress!


  1. Wow, your hair looks great! I have envied her hair since I first saw Cry Baby. I think every girl needs a Wanda dress!! x

  2. Love the hair! I LOVE Cry Baby. By far, one of my favorite movies!!! I remember watching it when it came out and I fell in love with all the characters. Wanda, Hatchet Face, Allison and Cry Baby were my faves!!! ***Swoons over a young and hot Johnny Depp!!!***

  3. It looks great on you! I too have always envied her hair! Definitely one of my favorite movies (and characters). :)

  4. You're such a stunner hun!

    I love Wanda too, went as her on Halloween once. :))
    And yes, she's a style icon, of course.
    (I was about 12 when I saw Cry Baby and I feel in love with her sexy style.)

    Ha ha! Why do you think I'm mule crazy?! :D