Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cry Baby - Wanda

Cry Baby has got to be one of my all time favorite films, its right up there with Dirty Dancing!  John Waters is  genius.  He is more famous for bringing Hairspray to the main stream in 1988.  Cry Baby is one of his less known films but a massive favorite with the Rockabilly and Vintage subcultures.

I love the styling.  Because like other musicals and comedy's set in the 1950s, i am looking at you Grease.  Who's outfits are very much stereotypical and ofter exaggerated styling of the 1950s teenager.  The styling and the dresses are very much original and of time.  

My favorite character is Wanda.  I just love her mean, powerful 'Cry Baby Girl' attitude. " I wouldn't be caught dead in a full skirt."

Ooo check out her mules... so need a white pair now!  I have loved  Wanda's look ever since i watched the film and always wanted her hair! But with my short fine hair, i never thought i could ever get the look.  I wasn't about to get hair extensions again (the ones applied with bond adhesive, totally ruined my hair, about 6 years ago)

Extensions, not for me, all i could do was swoon over her style and thick locks.  Until i was recommended, Foxy Locks by a very 'foxy' burlesque performer, Trixie D Licious.  I ordered my Foxy Locks next pay day and i wasn't disappointed with them at all.  I got the Deluxe ones in Ash Blonde.  Foxy locks pride themselves on being the thickest on the market and using only 100% natural remy hair (remy-is to do with the direction of the cuticles, stops it from getting tangled, see their website for more info)

So extentions in, now tocut that fringe!
Do I or don't I? (note pug jumper)
New Fringe!

I really need to sack my photographer and get some better piccys!  But for now i am very happy with my fringe.  With my clip in hair extentions i can be Betty Draper one day and Wanda the next!

One more thing... I sooo need to make me a Wanda dress!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Femme Totale - Dita Von Teese new fragrance

“My perfume’s flacons need to be the absolute embodiment of my dream of glamour, mystery, beauty, and the Femme Fatale,” Dita says in a press statement. "I have always been a passionate collector of rare perfume bottles from the 1920s and 1930s. They are usually made of opaque glass, black or red, and are always extremely elegant, luxurious, and classy.

The fragrence will first be relase in Austrailia (for some reason there first) Autumn 2011, the rest of us will have to wait unitl 2012!! Not sure i can wait that long!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

LFW - Caroline Charles SS2012

A Mule, not a Donkey!


I love mules.  Although the higher ones do take a bit of practice to walk in.  I have been ooggling over vintage ones on such sites as Etsy.  I don't trust myself with vintage shoes, i would be too scared to wear them out dancing in case i ruined them.  From looking at all my current shoes i probably would ruin them!  Here are a few lovelies i have picked out on Etsy.  They were all still available at the time i wrote this post.



I have found these at Remix Shoes.  They are just perfect.  They could pass as vintage originals.  But it would cost me £150 to ship them to the UK.  I might as well buy three pairs of original vintage ones! 

After a quick facebook post to ask my fellow rockabilly and vintage loving friends advice.  I was pointed in the direction of Burlesque Shoes! I am in love! Step forward the Burlesque divas shoe of choice, Bordello!

I love just about every pair on the website.  But must stay focused.... The Bordello Genie was just what i have searching for!  Now what colour?  Here are just a small few of the selection available int he Genie.  I highly suggest checking out their website, but do so at your own peril! 

So which ones did i chose.... which beauties lay within this box?  Check out my next blog post where all will be reviled! 

***EDIT*** The lovely Louise at Burlesque Shoes would like to give my beautiful readers £5 off their next purchase.  Simply put the code - booboo in at the checkout! (valid unti 22nd October 2011)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Social Media

I have to admit that i am a socical meida-aholic!

 If you are you you can find me on the following places;

Twitter - @BooBooKittyC

Instagram - search for me my user name is @boobookittycouture

Tumblr - - although i have not yet figured it out!

I do have a Myspace page too, but who uses that anymore??! I am also thinking about doing a YouTube channel too.

So pop by and say hi! :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nottingham Fashion Show - Idea

Wow this summer has been such an exciting whirl wind!  First there was the shoot with Flashes and Lashes with Scarlet Daggers modelling. Then the expert pin up girl make over team invited me to their studio for a shoot with me modelling!    

And it all spiralled from there! Leading to fashion shows with Miss Fortune Clothing at Americana festival and another fashion show, Pins and Needles with Charly Chaplin.  I had such an amazing time at both fashion shows I thought I would organise my own!

As I have been so busy this summer to write the content of my website, it has kind of fallen by the wayside.  So I thought what better way to shout about its launch than to have a big party to celebrate.  I want to thank everyone who has helped me.  I have learnt allot about starting a business and I still have allot more to learn. I would like to thank all who have answered my confusing tweets, replied to my emails.  All the photographers, models, make up artists I have worked with, who have supplied me with amazing images that really bring out the best in my designs.

So the event.  I am looking to hold it in the city centre of Nottingham towards the end of March beginning of April 2012.  I have emailed a couple of venues already. But any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Fashion show, I am pretty confident I can organise this.  I will be pulling in all my contacts whom I have worked with previously, so look out for that email!

Bands, I am looking for a rock and roll band, rockabilly.  My clothing is heavily inspired by my love of rockabilly and I want the after party, dj and band to reflect this.  So if any midlands based bands are interested do get in touch.

DJ, I have a few in mind.  But again if you are interested do get in touch.

Burlesque act, already booked, Rose Desire Belle.  

Light and sound, hoping to get a venue with a light and sound techs included.  But if anyone fancies helping me out.  Do get in touch.

Posters and flyers.  (maybe a program with ad space) I would be looking for a graphic designer who can lend their talents.  Also any contacts with cheap or discounted printers would be greatly appreciated.

Promotion, help spreading word of the event, blogging, facebooking, tweeting, handing out flyers, putting up posters

Booze!  Any reps of any beverage companies please do get in touch.

Goodie bag, I want to give each guest a goodie bag.  This will include literature of all my sponsors, people who have helped out with the event, a great chance to advertise to a target audience.  Also if anyone wants to donate anything for the goodie bag, get in touch.

Raffle, any company who wants to offer a prize.  I could run a raffle.  Good opportunity to promote your business.

Sponsors, any company who wants to be a part in this event, offer sponsorship of any kind please get in touch.

I have little or no budget for this event.  I am hoping it will be great fun for all involved a great chance to show that Nottingham is the best place for vintage, pin up, rockabilly lifestyle.  There are so many talented small businesses and individuals out there in the midlands.  This is a great opportunity for us to work together and create an event we can all be proud of and have a jolly good time whilst doing so!

Please email me at any advice or help with this even is greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vintage Silhouette - Bras

My previous post was about what kind of shapewear i find good to wear under vintage and vintage reproduction dresses.  Finding the perfect bra is equally important.  Not only for vintage outfits but for any outfit.

70% of women wear the wrong bra size (source).  Marks & Spencer reports that about 8,000 women come to their stores for a fitting every week.(source)  So it is always best to get your bra fitted by a proffessional in a department store or by one of the specialy trained staff at teh What Katie Did Boutique.  But this isn't a post about sizing or how woman's bust has got bigger over time, save that for another post.  This is about what i like to wear.  I have quite a large bust, 32E so i find bra shopping a nightmare!

The 50s  is all about the shape of the natural breast or the fashionable bullet shape which was made famous by 'sweater' girls of the time.  

Jayne Mansfield
The current trend is to have melon shape boobs, you will find most modern bras have pre formed cups to enhance that shape.

Modern melons!
There are many reproduction vintage lingerie brands out there.  My absolute favorite is What Katy Did.  For the iconic bullet shape I love What Katy Did's Matlease bra.  

But find it good for being pointy and looks extremely authentic.  I just find it too pointy! I have a large bust, so i find that i cant wear it with tight fitting clingy sweaters. As i feel I look too theatrical like this;

I do like to wear it with vintage dresses, it really fills out the darts and hangs nicely.  I am wearing it here under this vintage dress.

But for wearing under sweaters to get that subtle pointed look i love the Playtex cross your heart bra.  It is super comfy  too.  It is a bit of a granny bra but hey i love granny chic.  I often sit on the bus admiring old peoples style!


I have also got in in antique rose which i got of ebay for £8.99! 
But if you are smaller bust, i wouldn't suggest it, i don't think they even do smaller sizes! You care lucky enough to fit into Kiss Me Deadly bras!

I said before i the melon shape bust is not what the vintage silhouette is all about.  But i personally have an expenstion on this.  The strapless bra.  i am in love love love with the Wonder Bra 'hands' bra!

It is designed to work like a pair of hands. Thanks to concealed polycarbonate hands, so it feels as if you are holding yourself up! I love it, it is so comfy, i get an amazing cleavage, that i just hadn't been able to get with conventional strapless bras.  I don't think i will wear anything else!  Just wish they would design one that has more of a natural 'vintage' cup shape rather than melon shape! 

“We conducted a comprehensive series of tests with real girls, which included dancing, bending, stretching and jumping, all designed to put the bra through its paces. This unique technology lifts the weight of the bust, supports and gives a trusted Wonderbra cleavage. We have created a groundbreaking garment giving women the perfect solution to the age old strapless bra problem.”