Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sew n Sew

Today I discovered a hidden gem.  A small quaint habidashery shop just out side Nottingham.  It is amazign! Has a real vintage feel, like i had stepped back in time to a sewing shop of the 50s.  I think the lady that worked there thought i was a bit mental as i was walking round the place with a massive smile on my face!



  1. Oh, what a lovely little shop! Did you get anything?

  2. I bought a zip. its a really nice cotton one with a metal zipper, just like vintage ones. I hate polyester ones with pastic zips, had allot break on me!

    it is only 2mins walk from my day job, so i shall be making frequent visits!

    Such a nice feeling to have found this, as when ever i am having a bad day at work i can treat myself to buttons and lace!

  3. wow thats a beautiful place full of possibilities

  4. I wish something like that could exist in my hometown :(