Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midwinter bargain time!

Look what Mr found in a charity shop this morning. A mint condition six piece Midwinter set for only £5! For the right buyer this could fetch over £100 on ebay!  

The Pattern is the Roselle, from the 1960s.  Best-selling Eve Midwinter design for several years. Very common. Midwinter Pottery (Jenkins) dates this design to 1968 whereas 20th Century Ceramic Designers in Britain (Casey) dates it to 1963.

 And look what he came back with yesterday, six mint condition dinner plate in the Riversider patter.  £1.63 for all six!

For more info on Midwinter, check out this blog post I did back in Feb!  

If any of your aunts, grannies have Midwinter knocking around, i can happily take it off their hands!


  1. Very nice set of dinnerware. Love them all especially those <a href="http://tableware.co.uk/buy/villeroy-and-boch>Villeroy and Boch</a> . Thanks for the share!