Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hair Inspiration - From Joan to Betty!

I am currently a Joan Holloway, red head!  After years of being a platinum Marilyn blond my hair is in a bit dry and damaged, so thought being a ginger would give it a rest for a while.

Blond hair 2003 - 2009

As a Mad Men obsessive, i love Joan Holloway.  She was my main inspiration for the red hair.

Red - winter 2009 to present
Betty Draper is my main inspiration for going back blond.  I am feeling more Betty Draper these days than Joan Holloway.  I am all about full skirted shirt dresses and cotton summer dresses.

Here are some more blond beauties that inspire me to go back blond;


  1. awww both really suit you kitten. Platinum blonde is great, especially in summer i think. Can't wait to see it on you. Been wanting to go back to blonde myself but after years of dying it black, it could take a fair bit of work :S

  2. I totally destroyed my hair (bleaching/backcombing etc)and had to have it cropped short a few years ago. I also had it dyed red and loved it but in the end I was itching to go back and now I'm blonde again only a darker, more golden shade. On the plus side as I'm naturally blonde it means the roots are less fierce than when it was red too!

  3. I too have had the red inspiration, but now inspired to return to blonde - think the ginger really suits you :) I cant get the red from my hair currently!! xx

  4. I was platinum blonde for 2 years - it made such a mess of my hair :(( But I had it long. I think you can only really have it that colour for long periods of time if its short, like Marilyn (or yours!)I've been a redhead now (with badger fringe!) for 14 years...still love it :)) Yours looks fab both ways x

  5. love both on you.I have been trying to go back red for months after dying it black like a fool.It's still not the right shade.I am about to turn 40 in july and the grey is taking over my head and I have been thinking just going blonde but right now to lazy.But it's definatly my plan later when the grey is just to much.