Monday, 23 May 2011

Dress making inspiration - Pushing Dasies

Love the yellow floral print, bodice, not to keen on the skirt

 There seem to be allot of blog entries about Pushing Daisies and the love of Chucks wardrobe.  I though i would join suit and share some of my favorite dresses with you.  I love here pretty funky printed tea dresses and her full skirted prom dresses.  Very kitch 50s inspired :)

Beautiful yellow print and covered belt detail

Beautful shirt dress, stunning clour

Japanese inspired blossom print

Red lace dress

Beautiful neckline

Love this yellow coat!

That Yellow Dress again!
Bright primary colours seem to be Chuck's colour pallet, teamed with matching co-ordinated accessores.  Not to forget the Jacky O head scarfs and sun glasses.


  1. Chuck's style is so adorable! x

  2. I loved that show. It was so sweet and the sets and costumes were "to die for."

  3. Aww, I miss this show! The outfits were always so amazing.