Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rene Gruau

Rene Gruau is my favorite fashion illustrator.  His drawings are stunning and really capture the beauty and elegance of the clothing.

 Beautiful how a couple of simple lines can really capture the movement of a full skirt.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hair Inspiration - From Joan to Betty!

I am currently a Joan Holloway, red head!  After years of being a platinum Marilyn blond my hair is in a bit dry and damaged, so thought being a ginger would give it a rest for a while.

Blond hair 2003 - 2009

As a Mad Men obsessive, i love Joan Holloway.  She was my main inspiration for the red hair.

Red - winter 2009 to present
Betty Draper is my main inspiration for going back blond.  I am feeling more Betty Draper these days than Joan Holloway.  I am all about full skirted shirt dresses and cotton summer dresses.

Here are some more blond beauties that inspire me to go back blond;

Monday, 23 May 2011

Dress making inspiration - Pushing Dasies

Love the yellow floral print, bodice, not to keen on the skirt

 There seem to be allot of blog entries about Pushing Daisies and the love of Chucks wardrobe.  I though i would join suit and share some of my favorite dresses with you.  I love here pretty funky printed tea dresses and her full skirted prom dresses.  Very kitch 50s inspired :)

Beautiful yellow print and covered belt detail

Beautful shirt dress, stunning clour

Japanese inspired blossom print

Red lace dress

Beautiful neckline

Love this yellow coat!

That Yellow Dress again!
Bright primary colours seem to be Chuck's colour pallet, teamed with matching co-ordinated accessores.  Not to forget the Jacky O head scarfs and sun glasses.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Shaheen Dream!

Firstly I would like to welcome all my new followers to my blog and apologies to my original followers for the lack of pasts over the past couple of weeks.

As you might already know, I run a small made to measure clothing company BooBoo Kitty Couture.  It may be because the sun is shining or wedding season is upon us, but i have been really busy sewing lately! :)

Back in February I wrote a post about the King of Hawaii, Alfred Shaheen.  Whose dresses i am still in love with and dying to own!
Shaheen Dress, Etsy $350
Shaheen romper $258
As you can see from the above examples which i found on Etsy.  An original is rather pricey!

So i made my own Shaheen inspired wrap dress.

Close up of the fabric used
My Shaheen Dream
Close up of the wrap and pleate detail
Can you spot my new/old Bakelite.  Picked up the chunky olive green one with brass inlays from the Newark Antique fair, from Mr Bakelite. The fella with the most impressive collection of Bakelite i have ever seen! Snapped this 1940s number up for only £15!  I just love the brass inlay, i haven't seen Bakelite like this before.

I have also developed an addiction to Ray-Bans.  I got these last month with my clear prescription lenses in.
Avana RB5226 - 2144
I then got them with prescription sun glasses lenses in...

I now have my eyes on these..

RB4132 Catty Clubmaster, PINK!
Aren't these Ray-Band Catty Clubmasters just fab in baby pink!

Toodles for now,


Monday, 2 May 2011

Give Away Winner!

Thank you all for entering the For Luna give away competition!

I let Mr BooBoo Kitty pick the winner as its his birthday today.  31 today! Happy Birthday Mr BooBoo Kitty!

Winner will be picked out of this hat

Votes all cut up and folded

placed in the hat..

Given a good shuffle

and the winner is..

Margarita Bloom!
Congratulations Margarita Bloom! Get in touch, email me at info@boobookittycoutute.com I will put you in touch with Vicki who will organise your swimming cossie for you!