Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Newark Antiques Fair

Newark Castle

View of the Trent from the Bridge, that boat on the right was actually a bar!

Early doors, we got there just as it opened
 Warning picture heavy post :)

Tiger print anyone?

Bamboo sideboard

Cool bike

Vintage planters bike

Old seats from plains

Loved this dressing table

goodies as far as the eye could see

impressive selection of vintage radios

This cabinet would go well in my kitchen

Got your head stuck in the sand?

Vintage haberdashery

vintage haberdashery

vintage pieces for hat making

Vintage fabric

aawww tiny glove!

50s Bakelite radio from the USA

50s Bakelite radio from the USA

50s radio reconditioned radio from USA

50s Bakelite Radio

Old Nazi uniform



Dinosaur leg lamp

love this dress but it was too small boo :(

50s bags

Bakelite buttons and belts

Another pretty dress, again too small :(

Mid-century glass

Mid Century Lamp

should have bought these! damn!

Mid century butterfly heater

Mid century atomic heater

Glass.. the Chance bowl that i didn't buy because it was brown!

The most impressive collection of Bakelite i have ever seen!



Bakelite phones

One of these beauties went home with me ;)

More early plastics

Plastic, plastic and more plastic

Lets go bargain hunt!!

Packing away into a MASSIVE lorry

Fat lady pulling a dog in a suit case!

Damn it, should have bought it!

All pooped out!
Newark Antiques Fair was amazing!  The weather was beautiful, very hot.  I had blisters on the soles of my feet by the end of the day.  But all worth it! The next one is on 9th and 10th June! See you there?

My next post will be about what i actually bought.... so please follow my blog for news on the next post!


  1. Weep! Why do we not have these in Manchester? A M A Z I N G stuff!

  2. Its well worth comming down from Manc to visit Claire. Mr Bakelite, who i met was amazing. Stood chatting to him for ages. He know loads about it. And he was selling bakelite bangles for £15!!!! yes £15!! I bought one from the 40s, olive green with brass insets. Will post a piccy when i get round to posting my 'what i purchased post'

  3. Really want to see what you got now (no nazi stuff I take it?), looks like an amazing day out.

    (Glad comments are working again, wondered if you'd blocked me 5 minutes after I said I'd become a follower - seemed a little harsh ;-) )

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